Bring It!
Where to Begin?


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Ciao baby! Have a wonderful time!

Sharon R

Have a great, great trip! I've never been to Northern Europe. Can't wait to hear all about it!


I'll be so very interested to hear of your adventure! I've wanted to go to Finland and Estonia for years. Have a marvelously fabulous adventure!

Jessica Nyffler

HA HA! I absolutely love these pictures. Pretty impressive that at 50 my mom still finds the whole bunny ear thing funny... I hope you guys have a BLAST!!


Wishing you a fun-filled vacation! Have a safe trip.
"God dag" (Good day in scandinavian) :D


Hej då means good bye in Swedish! Have a wonderful trip, takes lots of photos, and store up all your memories to tell us when you return. I will miss you.


Have a wonderful safe trip!


Oh, have fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! My mother went to Russia in 1974 when she was still in nursing school... I imagine things have changed. ;)

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