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The Restorative Power of Soil: A Riff


  • The Festival continues.
  • We're in the home stretch now; I can see the end.
  • But there are still details to manage and vehicles to maintain and shuttles to run.
  • And rain in the forecast.
  • Which makes me nervous from a flights-on-time standpoint.
  • (But I'm trying to just ignore that right now.)
  • For me, the Festival is a stamina thing.
  • You see, I have a nice, neat little schedule. 
  • Normally.
  • A part-time job that has major deadlines once in a while.
  • And a micro-part-time job that doesn't.
  • And then I added this Festival gig to the mix.
  • It's tough to jump into full-time-even-weekends-and-on-call-even-when-you're-off.
  • I'm not whining or complaining.
  • (At least, not at this moment.  I've done plenty of that.  Just ask my Mom.  Or Tom.)
  • I'm just stating the facts.
  • Maybe I'm just too old for this.  I think that must be it.
  • Because I'm really tired. Physically and emotionally.
  • Despite the dark chocolate peanut M&Ms.
  • And the wine.
  • My spirits are sagging.
  • Yesterday afternoon, Tom encouraged me to get out in the garden.
  • First, he gently nudged.  I think you'd feel better if you got out in the garden.  When I just sat in the chair like a blob and whimpered, he got a bit more stern.  Get out in the garden before I strangle you!
  • Not really.
  • Not out loud, at least.
  • But he did encourage me to get out there.
  • So I did.
  • I weeded.
  • And pruned.
  • And dug out some invaders.
  • For a couple of hours.
  • I feel so much better.
  • We're in the final week of the festival. 
  • I think I can make it!
  • (Pass the dark chocolate peanut M&Ms, please!)



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You are an integral part of this amazing event and you provide the oil to keep it running smoothly. The M&Ms are the oil that keeps you going. What an experience!! Keep breathing...deeply.


Tom is right...a change of scenery can do a lot of good.
You can make it! Do it one thing at a time and then do the next thing...but...have you considered saying no to another year? I've found that a no once in awhile is a good thing...


Hang in there! I feel your pain. This last paper is sitting like a brick of undigested fiber in my metaphorical paper writing intestines. So I run. I try to clear my mind. Going outside and sweating out all the stress and the stupidity of this GOD. DAMN. PAPER.

Drink the wine. Gorge on the M&Ms. Garden when you can. Don't look back. Just keep putting one fut in front of the other. Eventually, you'll be on the last page and FINALLY. FINALLY you can FUCKING rest.

Hang in there, Momma. I love you!


"One fut?" Seriously? It's...German? Fut. Huh. I meant foot.


You need to tell us more about this Festival. I totally hear you on the "I'm too old for this"; it's what I say every year about April tenth.

But for now, follow Erin's and Tom's advice: just keep putting one foot in front of the other and spend some time in the garden. Carry on!


Sending good thoughts and karma your way. With chocolate and wine there is nothing you cannot get through! xo


There's more behind you than in front of you - you can do this!


May the power of soil and dark chocolate (and wine) get you through this final week!!


Hang in there! Glad you got a chance to garden, and that Tom knows you so well to push you to do it.


Listen to your daughter and husband, sweetie. The end is in sight and then you can rest. Living on-call sucks. Thankfully, it won't be much longer for you. Hang on!

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