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The Restorative Power of Soil: A Riff

Sweets. . . for the Sweet

Labs will eat pretty much anything. 

And, while Jenny is not a pure-bred, her looks and tendencies run toward the lab in her gene pool.

Erin's New Do 009

When she was a puppy, we discovered that Jenny, truly, will eat (or attempt to eat) anything.  She loves all the things you would assume dogs would like: chicken, steak, ham, hot dogs, bacon.  She also loves fish of all types.  Pasta (which we don't feed her; no nutritional value for dogs and far too fattening).  Fruit (no grapes, though!) and vegetables (tomatoes are tops -- but no stems or leaves; they're poison).

(Jenny loves bananas so much that she will come running to the kitchen if we even pick one up out of the fruit bowl, before it's peeled, even).

I discovered her love of the sweet potato quite by accident.  A couple of years ago, I was making a side dish with sweet potatoes for a pot luck dinner.  I baked the sweet potatoes (6 of them in all), and left them on the counter to cool.  When I went back to make the dish. . . surprise!  There was only one.  Jenny LOVES sweet potatoes.

Shortly after making that discovery, I started noticing more and more sweet-potato-flavored dog snacks and treats available at the pet food shops.

Recently, I found these. . .


Sam's Yams!  They are like giant, dehydrated/dried slices of sweet potato! 


(This is the large size; they also come in smaller sizes for dogs with a more delicate appetite!)

Jenny is NUTS for these things!  NUTS!  She gives them Four Paws!


Sweet potatoes. . . for my sweet lab!


In finch news. . . they babies have flown!  The nest is empty; the wreath is coming down.



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Dixie, like Jenny, will eat anything. She doesn't like tomatoes, though, and will eat completely around them if they are in something she happens to, ummm, come across. I haven't ever given her sweet potatoes but I'm going to try that out now!


Crazy! Sweet Potatoes? Of course I should talk...we had a dog that would eat anything hand fed to her. One of our hired men fed her cigarette butts and someone else fed her kleenex. And yes she ate them! Augh!
Yay to the baby birdies!


Rocket is a bit particular but carrots and swedish fish sit high on his list of favorites. He's recently been put on a diet so he runs to his morning dish rather than grazing all day. Hi Jenny! And...TGIF!


A few years ago we had a dog with major digestive problems and we found the best dog food for him was sweet potato and chicken. He loved it!
They grow up so quickly and are out of the nest before you know it! We're still on duck egg watch.


I'm going to have to keep an eye out for those. I bet our Griffen would love a new treat.



Your post reminds me of this semi-famous blog post:


Our dog loves sweet potatoes too!
I make them myself when I have time.
He's not too sure about bananas.

Have a nice weekend!



Have a great weekend, Kym!


So funny! We,too, have a dog that will eat anything. She especially loves watermelon. We've had quite a few things disappear from the kitchen counter while our backs were turned and are now pretty diligent about making sure things are out of reach! I'll be on the lookout for the sweet potato treats as I'm certain they'll be a hit!

Sharon R

Jenny's a girl after my own heart. I looove sweet potatoes. Baked, fried, mashed... any old way! Think I'll leave the sweet potato chews to the dogs, but I love me some sweet potato chips! I feel a craving coming on!


Although I'm sure this doesn't apply to Jenny, my husband believes that a dog's philosophy about whether something is food or not is "I'll eat it, and if it's not food, I'll throw it up." Worked with a guy whose golden retriever did that with driveway gravel. Sweet potato treats sound much better!

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