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I generally like to wrap up a month with a "Right Now" post.  That didn't happen in April.  Because I am completely caught up in the "right now."  But blog-post timing doesn't really matter, does it? 


Here's what's going on in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.


Watching . . . time fly; sometimes too fast; sometimes creeping along.

Reading . . . The Solitude of Thomas Cave by Georgina Harding. 

Knitting . . . Heidi Kirrmaier's Shellseeker pullover. . . kind of like a sweatshirt.  I'm well over half done already.

Listening to . . . I am surrounded by internationally-acclaimed classical and jazz pianists at present. . . but I don't have much chance to hear them play.   What I am listening to is a little different . . . REM, Natalie Merchant, and Radiohead.

Thinking about . . . what I will do with my life. . . when I get it back.

Dreading . . . my phone ringing.

Planning . . . I've kind of had it with planning right now.

Excited about . . . my upcoming trip with my sister!!!  Thoughts of Scandinavia and Russia get me through the Bleak Times.

Humming . . . Despite the world class music all around. . . it's Fox on the Run by Sweet (and where it came from, I have no idea!).

Drinking . . . coffee.  Lots of coffee.

Itching to . . . plant. . . dig. . . pull weeds.

Needing to . . . stop eating Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms.  Really.

Organizing . . . just my self.  Hour by hour.


Inspired by . . . people around me . . . doing what they need to do and making things come together.

Delighted by. . . the baby finches. . . growing every day in their dead Christmas wreath nesting place on my front door.

How about you?  What's happening for YOU . . . Right Now?


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Sharon R

Your upcoming trip sounds amazing! I've never been to Northern Europe. It's on my to do list. These days I'm thinking about opportunities missed. I have never gone on a major trip with my sis. It just wouldn't work. I had planned to go to Italy with my best friend. She's of Italian background, but has never been, while I lived there for a year in my youth. That won't happen now, as she is in the final days of her life. I wish we had...


Scandinavia and Russia!? What an awesome adventure. I've long been drawn to Norway and Finland, oh and Estonia. Can't wait to hear more! Your life is so exciting. Go grrl!


Me? Right now? I've gotta get out to the seed plant and pay bills. Exciting, hunh?
Both sets of my grandparents came from Norway so I'm not very far removed from the "old country". I'm anxious to see your pictures from there..if you go to Norway!


Oh, how fun. My mother went to Russia in 1974 (she was a college student at the time and had the opportunity to go with a school group) and LOVED IT!! I'm so excited for you!


Sounds like an amazing trip you've got coming up! And Fox on the Run? When Dale and I were dating and Hannah was 3 she loved that song. I have no idea where she learned it but she was SO impressed when he played it for her on his stereo.


I hope you're taking some time for yourself over there, missy!

I'm coughing, laughing at a friend on the phone and coughing.


whew! and whoa, that's a bulletin WALL! can't wait to hear more about the festival (once it's over? :-) and the trip. a friend was in norway around the solstice a few years back. the photos from midnight were amazing!

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