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On Everyday-Ness

When I was young, it seems I was always waiting for . . . something.  The Next Big Event or Special Day or Turning Point that would mark my life and make it "special."  I was totally bored by the ho-hum, everyday cadence of my life.  I wanted Big Things. 


As I grew older, I started to get it.  I began to get a glimpse of what was actually behind all those "life-is-a-journey-not-a-destination" quotes and inspirational posters.  That Special Days . . . were special, sure.  But they weren't . . . everything.

And then I got cancer.

All I wanted, then, was Everyday-ness.

I craved the ordinary, "normal" pace and cadence of life.  I wanted to feel a breeze and drink some wine on my patio and pet my dog and see movies with my husband.  I wanted to talk to my mom on the phone and send cards to my sister and hug my kids and cook a plain, old, ordinary dinner.  I wanted to meet my friends for coffee and sit through committee meetings and sort the mail and pull weeds.  I wanted to put gas in my car and run errands and vacuum my floor and watch tv. 

Yes.  That kind of excitement. 

Sometimes, you have to have the absolute wonder of Everyday-ness threatened. . . to completely appreciate its value and loveliness.  Or . . . that's how it worked for me.

Back in January, in that flurry of goal-making so common to a fresh, new year, I stated that I wanted to "Celebrate the Ordinary" as one of my annual goals.  I try to do this every day.  I really do!  But I was looking for a way to do this with more intention.  Then, a while ago, I saw a new online class being offered by Big Picture Classes called  31 Things. 

31 Things . . . is a class designed to to celebrate the everyday-ness, right now, right here . . . through 31 daily writing and photography prompts.  It's a class designed to help document, understand, and celebrate the routine, daily stuff of life. 

When I read about the class, it seemed like a perfect fit for me!  Not only did I find the content and the structure appealing, but the timing actually works perfectly -- tucked neatly between the end of a very busy work time and my upcoming travels.  I signed up right away!

Day One started yesterday.

So now. . . I'm immersed in 31 Things.  I'm still figuring out how I'll share the process on my blog.  I know I will.  I'm just not sure in what format*. 

Stay tuned!


*There is also a scrapbooking component to the class.  One thing I know for sure . . . I am not a scrapbook kind of gal!  Although I'm often inspired by the scrapbook journals other people put together, I have found that the scrapbook format does not work for me.  Rather than becoming an extension of expression, scrapbooking becomes a barrier for me!  So, I will NOT be participating in the scrapbooking element of 31 Things.  Just sayin'.




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The everyday-ness gets me through my work day, as I love being at home. Whether dinner preparations, gardening, reading, or catching up with housework, I'd rather be at home than anywhere.


Same with me. Home. Best place ever. Looking forward to seeing what your 31 days brings! TGIF my friend!


What an interesting class. How did you find out about it?
I love being at home too and doing everyday things!


I celebrate the small things of life, too. When I was a teenager my mother told me, in her own special punitive way, "Don't expect any big deals out of life." She was right but not in the way she meant it. Life is good enough in itself. The occasional Big Deal is great and we celebrate it and remember it, but I also adore those tiny things that make life special. The first time I drove in downtown Minneapolis with Elder Son, then about 3 years old, and he was awed by the skyways. The summer my boys watched 'Cool Runnings' endlessly and built themselves a *bobsled* on wheels to ride down the hill of our driveway. The way my husband used to drop by my office when we both worked downtown and leave a note saying "Some guy was here", often as not with flowers. Watching a hummingbird feast on my petunias. Being dazzled by the beautiful of a winter morning.

It's all good.


The ordinary turns into the extraordinary when it is threatened. I love taking at least one picture every day because it's a way to capture my life at that moment. Have fun with your class.

Sharon R

Lost my best friend last week. A recurring theme while we gathered to celebrate her life was how important it is to experience the thrill of each day. Everyday has something special to offer. Glad you've found a way to heighten your appreciation.


Good. Those scrapbookers will cut you! ;^)

I think this class sounds perfect for you! Some of us get to that point in life were boring is good because excitement means something has happened and rarely is it a good kind of something.



I'm so glad you're doing that class! I thought hard about it, but with the first week being so ... not ordinary around here, decided to sit it out. Look forward to seeing how it plays out for you.

I think celebrating the ordinary comes with age, too (yet another benefit to growing older!). as much as I'm loving the fast pace and "different-ness" of having the girls home, this morning I found myself really craving my (now) normal routine.

happy friday and enjoy your weekend!

Diana Troldahl

I hear ya.
I am totally looking forward to being able to wash and fold clothes, do my dishes, clean the floors and just putter around in my new 100% accessible apartment.


I will so look forward to hearing about your experiences with this class. The events of this past year have been a major wake up call to me to find joy and be present in the moment.

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