A Little Garden Project
A Real Face-Melter

It's Summertime. . . and the Livin' is Easy

It sure felt like summertime around here this weekend.  Hot and humid.  It's a perfect time to think about summertime goals . . . prompted by this week's Ten on Tuesday topic . . .


Ten Goals for This Summer:

  1. Find plenty of opportunities to put my feet up and . . . relax!
  2. Eat fresh -- visit the Farmer's Market for fresh, local produce.
  3. Go to the Lake Michigan shore now and again . . . catch a sunset!
  4. When it's too hot to be outside, stay inside where it's cool and organize a closet or two (or three).
  5. Do a little "sprucing up" at the cottage -- some paint, some new shelves, replace the flag.
  6. Visit a botanical garden or two; go on some garden tours for inspiration.
  7. Research cameras . . . take the plunge and buy one!
  8. Finish the Photoshop class.  (It's time to Just Do It!)
  9. Smell the roses!  Don't stress out about what's "not done" in the garden. . . and enjoy what "is!"
  10. Soak up the sun!  Get out and "play" in the delightful summer sunshine.

How about YOU?  What are your goals for the summer?


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