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Inside View

A few weeks ago, I told you about the dead Christmas wreath on my front door . . . home to some nesting purple finches.

If we stand on a stepstool inside the front door and stand on tiptoe and tip our heads just so. . . we can watch the action in the nest from inside.  It's a pretty good view. 


We just leave the stool there all the time now, so we can climb up and peek in whenever we walk past.  (We also make sure that we never open the front door!)

It's been exciting to watch the process unfold . . . from watching Mama Finch sit on the nest all the time. . . to hatching day. . . to watching the babies grow.

It's a tough angle to see the whole nest through the window.  For the entire process, we've thought there were four eggs; four babies.  Today, though, we discovered that there are actually five!

I've tried to take photos from time to time, but the angle is just too extreme to get things in focus. This evening, though, I was up on the stool with my camera in hand at Just The Right Time!  I was able to capture feeding time in pictures (albeit, not very good ones!)  Enjoy!








The babies are getting their feathers now.  It's only a matter of days, I think, until they fly away.

(Then. . . I'll be able to remove my eyesore Christmas wreath!)


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That is so awesome - what a great experience to observe!

Sharon R

Amazing! It's just so great to be able to watch the whole process.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

How fun for you! (Mama picked a good nesting spot!)


Your stool is a great vantage point even if a little skewed. Mama Finch was very smart as she knew a bird lover resided within.


I love it!! It looks like I'll soon have a bird family near my back door!
; )


What a beautiful capture!The birdies look active and healthy ready to fly.Thanks for the update Kym.


They're kinda cute! And the pictures are actually really good!


Ohhhh... Lovely, you are so kind to take all these photos for us!
Thank you! :)


Lucky birdies! Thanks for the update. And maybe at this point the neighbors just think the wreath is a new "rustic" one!


nothing new to add...but I have so enjoyed the story and the photos! thank you for sharing!


After reading your initial post about the birds, I had a robin take up residence in a bush beside my house. It's been fun having the mother slowly accept us so that we can get a closer peek at the babies!




Baby birdies saying feed me!
I hope they all make their first flight a good one when they finally leave the nest. It's a little scary watching them learn to fly...

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