A Real Face-Melter
Right Now


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Hyper what? it sounds almost like unknown Hebrew word to me :)

The first batch looks very professional, how does it taste?

Have a lovely day too!


I'll be over for a beer! I get off work at 4.


Can't wait to see how you plant your hyper-noodles (as I call them).
Drat, I could have done a 3-fer and taken care of a few other things.


Love the pots. If you wanted could you paint the outside of them or stain them?
Would love to taste the beer!
Jenny! ;D


love the bottle caps! (and how different holly's "nosy" is - she has to be satisfied with sticking her nose through the fence :-)


Did you know that you are an inspiration to us all in how to enjoy life?


She's not nosy! She's doing her job as Head of Household Security. Hello!

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