On the Side

Yeah. I'm THAT Neighbor.

My neighbors talk about me behind my back.

I know they do.

I am the Queen of Dandelions.  I garden in the rain.  I take pictures of my flowers.  Close up.  And yarn.  And knitted garments displayed along the fence.  I feed squirrels.  I allow chipmunks to run rampant.  I attract bees.  I dig up huge swaths of grass and plant flowers. 

And, now, this.


A dead, brown, WAY out of season Christmas wreath STILL adorns my front door.

I can hear the tsk-tsk-ing from here.

What they don't know. . . is that hidden behind the hideously dead wreath is this. . .


a finch nest!  (Look closely. . . behind the branches.)

I'll take down the wreath when the babies leave the nest. 

For now though?  Yeah.  I'm THAT neighbor!  (And I don't care.)


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Ohhhh,,, I knew there is a good reason I like you!

And don't mind them, you are the best neighbor anyone can want. You keep their neighborhood beautiful, you feed the animals for them and you supply good gossip material, what else can a neighbor wish for?!?


Yup, save the sweet baby birdies and to heck with the neighbors!
I wonder also what the neighbors think when they see me outside taking pictures of my knitting and flowers...maybe I'm gossip fodder too. :D


Save the finches!

We started a tradition a couple years ago: the annual burning of the Christmas wreath. It has to be done outside, so it has to wait until after the trees have greened up and major danger of forest fires is past. My 2 firebug sons love it.


Hi Kym ,my grandma used to say that it is good luck to have birds build a nest under your eaves and that birds feel where the good people live. We always had a swallow's nest back in my homeland and it was a delight to see the fledglings fly when they were ready!You are my kind of neighbor :)


I believe my neighbors think I am crazy as well...I routinely am in the garden early...in my pj's...weeding and taking close up pictures of plants and leaves and bugs, etc.

I do at least half the things you list...we can be neighbors anytime!


Good Lord for second I thought it was a tarantula!! Thanks for correcting me, and certainly keep that brown wreath going!


a bird's nest?! I'll never look at a late-hanging wreath the same again! (and I love the support from all the comments that came before mine - you've got a great group of readers!)

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