On the Side

Yeah. I'm THAT Neighbor.

My neighbors talk about me behind my back.

I know they do.

I am the Queen of Dandelions.  I garden in the rain.  I take pictures of my flowers.  Close up.  And yarn.  And knitted garments displayed along the fence.  I feed squirrels.  I allow chipmunks to run rampant.  I attract bees.  I dig up huge swaths of grass and plant flowers. 

And, now, this.


A dead, brown, WAY out of season Christmas wreath STILL adorns my front door.

I can hear the tsk-tsk-ing from here.

What they don't know. . . is that hidden behind the hideously dead wreath is this. . .


a finch nest!  (Look closely. . . behind the branches.)

I'll take down the wreath when the babies leave the nest. 

For now though?  Yeah.  I'm THAT neighbor!  (And I don't care.)


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