3-fer Thursday
Road Trip!

There's No Place Like Paris

A year ago, I was just returning from a lovely trip to Paris (and Amsterdam!) with my sister. 


We've both found our thoughts returning to Paris lately.  I think it's just something about . . . Paris in the spring.  Such a perfect time. . . to be in such a perfectly delightful place!

For my birthday (a few weeks ago), my sister created a lovely memory of our time together in Paris.


She even included some unbelievably wicked Parisienne chocolat!


Oo la la!


Such lovely reminders of our lovely time in Paris!

Last week I found this card. . . and sent it to my sister.


There really isn't, you know.

(And, no offense to any Kansans out there, but Paris is a much more exotic destination to wish for . . . if you have a pair of Ruby Red Slippers!)

Enjoy your weekend!


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I started reading your blog a year ago right now, too. I'm so glad I did and I'm so glad you have great memories of your trip with your sister.


You and your sister will always have Paris. What beautiful memories to share.


What a wonderful trip to look back on and have as a memory only shared by you and your sister. It is a very special bond between you two.


What a wonderful treat from your sister! What a great experience you two can share forever!


I can't tell you how many times this spring I re-lived last spring's visit to England-Scotland-Wales! I know exactly how you're feeling. What a sweet gift and reminder from your sister -- love the card you found for her, too.


That is SO not how I read the title to this post. I'll be in the naughty corner if you need me... dreaming of Paris.


Sharon R

I haven't been to Paris since I was in my twenties, but I still remember it fondly. It was a city of adventures. You never knew what was going to happen and I loved that. My fave memory is of eating crepes with Grand Marnier and chocolate from a street vendor in Montmarte. Ah, Paris. Que tu me manques!

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