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The Big Dance

So.  Tonight it is.  Kentucky vs. Kansas?  Nah. . .


The REAL Big Dance is right here!  The showdown between. . .

Black Cardigan, the early March Madness favorite, expected to go all the way.



and. . .

Tote Bag, this year's Cinderella story and rising upstart!



Who will walk away as this year's champion?  Well, that's for YOU to decide!

Cast your vote in the comments before Wednesday, April 4 at 9:00 pm EST.  My March Madness Champion Project will be announced in this Friday's blog post.  When you vote, your name will be entered into a random drawing for an exciting prize package!  (And, if someone sends you here to vote, be sure you mention their name, as they'll also be entered into the drawing!)

So.  Who's it going to be?  Black Cardigan . . . or Tote Bag?

The excitement builds!




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Mary least you'll feel good about whoever wins! I'm going to cast my vote for the cardigan - I recall a bit of adversity early on due to pattern issues - yet you hung with it, and proved it a champion. and I love the way it looks on you!


Well, the Black Cardigan is great but I'm voting for the Tote Bag. I'm a sucker for professional looking sewing! :)


The Tote Bag is awesome and the changing fabric makes it very special! However, I'm voting for the cardigan because I think you'll enjoy wearing through the years and it's classic!


Two great projects --- both beautiful. But, I'm voting for the cardigan. Can't resist such beautiful knitting!


As a sewer I have to vote for that pretty tote bag. I recognize that Amy Butler pattern!


Tough choice. I'm going with the tote bag. It's just invites Spring to get her act in gear! Oh, and Carole says "hi."

Ann in the UP.

Carole sent me to peruse and vote. Man, it's a tough choice, but I'll vote for the comfy, useful, beautiful sweater!


The tote bag but I'd like to vote twice! The cardigan is beautiful too. PS Carole sent me.

sue o

Love the cardigan! Looks so warm and comfy.

Sharon R

I always go for the underdog. I say the Tote Bag!


i rad about the contest on both carole and margene's blogs ---my vote is for the cardigan, it is lovely (the bag is too, but I am a knitter)


Although I am a knitter and your sweater is lovely, I am totally in LOVE with your tote. Those are colors I would have chosen and it looks so beautifully constructed.

P.S. Carolknits sent me.


The Black Cardigan. I love it! (Zeneedle sent me here.)

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

It's a tough call, but I'm going with Tote Bag for the win!


Oh, I cast my vote for the cardigan - very nice! Tough decision there.

Mary Ellen

Love both - but the tote bag wins out! (Oh, and Carole Knits sent me!)


As a knitter I feel obligated to vote for the black cardigan!


The sweater, hands down. That sweater looks like one that can be worn for three seasons, and will go with anything.


Sweater, without question! Both are gorgeous but so much more time and hard-learned skills went into knitting the sweater.

Carole sent me! I like your blog and will be back!


I'm going to have to go with the Tote Bag!

Carole sent me.


Again my comment disappeared, did I forget to type in that code down there or what?

I said: Although my heart goes to the cardigan of course. After seeing the professional sewing work of the inside of that bag of yours I must give my vote to this work of art that I can never achieve (ackh, I think it came out much better the first time, oh well!)

Not that I will be very sad to see the cardigan win!


The sweater is great, and it looks like it is one you will get lots of wear out of, but I vote for the tote bag. It is unique and beautiful!

I read Carole's blog first thing this morning, and she sent me here.

elaine ippolito

oh, the black cardigan-great with my silver hair too. zeneedle sent me, too.


I'm voting for the bag! Love the cardi but that bag is pretty awesome!


The bag and I came from "Zeneedle" so I guess she gets points? Nice bag. :)

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