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I'm hosting Easter dinner at my house this weekend.  My menu is planned, but the shopping isn't finished quite yet.  While the featured "star" of my meal will be a spiral ham (glazed with a mustard sauce with vermouth and thyme, á là Cooks Illustrated), I will also be serving several side dishes (and dessert, of course!).

Which brings us to Carole's topic for us this week. . . Ten Favorite Side Dishes to Serve at a Family Dinner.


This is actually harder for me than it sounds. . . because I tend to either make up my sides, or just skim through my favorite cookbooks for quick inspiration.

Let's see...

With HAM. . . I like (1) scalloped potatoes and (2) roasted asparagus.

With TURKEY . . . I like (3) dressing, (4) sweet potatoes and (5) cranberry sauce.

With LAMB . . . I like (6) wild rice with Kalamata olives and feta cheese.

With STEAK . . . I like (7) roasted potatoes and (8) sauteed mushrooms.

With ROAST BEEF . . . I like (9) roasted carrots and turnips and (10) mashed potatoes.

What do YOU like to serve on the side  . . . at your family dinners?


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I've never met a veggie I didn't like.

Sharon R

They all sound delish, but I'm particularly taken with the wild rice with kalamatas and feta! Yum! One of my family's favorites is roasted root vegetables with a maple syrup and balsamic dressing.


Your list sounds yummy! :)
I've got a recipe called Fancy Green Beans by Paula Deen that takes a bit of time to make but is SOOO worth it.


Ditto on the wild rice recipe.
I'm hooked on the rosemary potatoes lately - easy and delish!


I love the way you approached this topic and matched your side dishes to your main course. And now I want lamb.


Oh potato, potato, I love thee. In all those arrangements. That picture at the top looks pretty delicious as well!


Making me hungry!!!!


triple ditto on the wild rice - do you dress it with anything? ...and now I'm curious, what if I were serving grilled fish for my main. suggestions?

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