An Unexpected Gift
Just Two This Tuesday!

Not a Clue

On Friday, I had an unexpected day off.  Which meant. . . I got to see this. . .


My two chemists. . . talking chemistry. . . together!


Tom is a chemist.  Brian is a chemistry major at Hope College, where he is working in the lab on a research project with one of his professors.  Last Friday, he was able to present his work at a "poster session" at the Hope College Research Celebration.


It's a great experience for Brian -- all the way around.  To be able to be involved in this type of research as an undergraduate is just wonderful (and the reason he went to Hope in the first place).  And to be able to present his work in this format is just icing on the cake!


Tom (who has a PhD in organic chemistry, himself) was so proud!

And me?


Not a clue!  I have no idea what they're doing or what they're talking about or what any of it means.  But it really doesn't matter.  I was thrilled to be along for the ride!



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Very, very, very cool!


Way too cool!


Yeah. Somehow I graduated from high school without even having to take Chemistry! That, or it was so terrible and I've so deeply repressed it that there's simply no memory!

You don't have to understand the finer points to feel their excitement and be a proud and happy mama!


I signed up for chemistry in high school and promptly dropped it as soon as I was allowed. It flew right over the top of my head!
How very cool for Brian and for you and Tom as parents!


Congratulations to Brian! you must be a very proud mama!!!


So very exciting! What talented guys you share your life with.


Brian looks a little different when on the back of a longboard. He's multi-talented, much like his mom!


this made me laugh out loud! organic chemistry my sophomore year in college - and a 3month co-op job in an oil refinery - made me change my major. to applied mathematics. math is always neat and clean and never makes me have to soak in a tub for hours to get the dirt off! So glad you got to share the day with your guys...looks like they had a ball - and I know they loved having you there. (betting you get more than you let on after all these years, right?!)


Being lost is okay because ultimately you are proud and that's all that matters!

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