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Digging for Grubs

The summer that Jenny was a puppy, my garden really took a hit.

Jenny Day 1 008

Oh, she was adorable and all (which was a Good Thing for her), but she mashed my daylilies flat.  She leaped through my hostas.  She dug out anything new I planted. . . and dragged it through the yard.

Jenny 025

She was always, always rooting around in my garden.  From the very first, she had a "thing" for my hostas.  She liked to hide in them.  And then leap out!

Jenny Day 1 016

And when she crashed, she often crashed in among the hostas!

Jenny Day 1 001

I thought my gardening days were doomed . . . by an adorable puppy.  But, over the years, Jenny has become my faithful gardening companion.

Oh, she still likes to sneak off with my gardening gloves or an empty plastic pot and run wild through the yard.  But the days of digging up and rooting through and leaping into my plants are over.

Jenny loves to be . . . involved. . . with gardening.


This past weekend, Tom helped me plant (let's be clear -- I pointed, Tom planted) several hostas (generously shared by my Mom and Dad) in a new garden bed.  And who was right there. . . helping every step of the way?


Why, Jenny the Gardening Dog, of course!

I noticed she was doing a lot of nosing about in the upturned soil.  With great interest!


Turns out she was hunting grubs! 

After trying one, she decided to leave them for the robins.  But she did have a lot of fun digging for them, and then just sort of . . . leaving them. . . laying willy-nilly around the new garden bed.

Much better than flattening the hostas, that's for sure!


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Jennie the gardening dog! She's grown to be a faithful companion helping throughout your day with anything you need to do.


Puppies are so adorable! But isn't it nice when they grow up?!
Never thought about it before but I bet it is cool and nice under a hosta plant. :)


Baby Jenny photos! You've totally made my week. Thank you, Kym!

Thank goodness she calmed down in the garden! o.O


So cute! And hey, you and Tom plant just like Dale and I plant. Hooray.


She's a sweetie! We've got a lab pup across the street...everything I needed to put my puppy thoughts away for awhile!


saw this post title and almost didn't want to read it! thank you for no close-ups of the grubs. and extra credit for the jenny-puppy photos...too cute!


The first year we lived in our Minneapolis house, Smokey put in a two-track driveway from the alley to the tuckunder garage using cobblestones recycled from a Minneapolis street. It was a long, arduous process and every inch was inspected multiple times by Zoot, our cat. The two of them bonded that summer.

It is good to have a 4-legged inspector and mutual participant in an outdoor project ;-)


Glad the garden made it and Jenny has become a boon to the garden. My friend got a black lab several years ago (Nemo), and she also gardens. She has every variety of lavender there is, and the Spanish lavender barely survived Nemo.


Aww tiny Jenny pup. Her ears were so big...or rather, I think they're probably the same size as they are now. She just grew into them. At least grubs are better than voles...or racoons for that matter.

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