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Carole's back from her vacation. . . meaning Ten on Tuesday is back . . . with a vacation-related topic!  This week, Carole has us thinking about 10 Good Things About Coming Home From a Vacation.

London trip 005
I really like vacations, and I really like traveling to far away places.  But I also like coming home!  Here are 10 things I like best . . . about being back home again:

  1. Being reunited with Jenny (there's nothing like a greeting from your dog!)
  2. Sleeping in my own bed  (ahhhhhh!  and my own pillow, too!)
  3. Drinking my local tap water (that familiar taste -- and no pathogens!)
  4. Not eating in restaurants (sure, it's fun for a time. . . but after a while, it gets old)
  5. Being in the "right" time zone (I hates the jet lag!)
  6. Not living out of a suitcase (I like to dive back in to the full spectrum of my closet)
  7. Reliable internet and cell phone service (although this is getting better all the time)
  8. Downloading and organizing your trip photos (almost as good as being there!)
  9. Going through the mail (even though it's mostly junk)
  10. Getting back to my regular routine (creature of habit, I am!)

How about YOU?  What do you like about returning home from a vacation?


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I sure miss my bed, my time zone and my pillow right now !


Similar beings are we! And it almost hurts to type not eating in restaurants but...homecooked is good!


When I can, I bring my pillow with me! A traveler with a sore neck and/or back is not a good thing!!


i travel a lot for work, so it was hard to separate "coming home" from "coming home from vacation." :)

I get you on the time zone thing. when i travel for work, i spend a lot of time doing "call math": if it's 10 pm in SF... oh, it's too late to call home.


YES to all of those things. I do love my own bed but when we travel we have the treat of a king sized bed and I really enjoy that.


I have to admit that I love my time zone too!

kathy b

oh I do LOVE getting the big pile of mail! I love how our cats/dogs greet us again. I love my bed, another good one you mentioned


Another great list!
Getting back to my routine, sleeping in my own bed, seeing what has changed weatherwise...either snow amounts or how much the flowers have grown.


great list...and ditto #3 for sure! I remember the first time I visited NYC and realized their water was actually good. and then to my folks in Florida...and I still don't understand why they can't get it right!

Michelle Martino

As ehemmm odd... as it may seem, there is nothing like the familiarity of your own toilet!:)

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