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An Unexpected Gift


I have just been given an unexpected gift.

As many of you surmised from yesterday's post about the state of my desk, I am currently riding (full steam ahead!) the Crazy Train.  And . . . I'm going to be aboard for a few more weeks.

Today, though, two things happened.  First, my regular Friday morning class at the gym was canceled.  Second, my friend Sandie and I rescheduled a long-planned nursery visit out of town.

This means. . . a full day has unexpectedly opened up before me!

This reprieve is Just What I Need.

Time. . . to attend to a few small details. . . to regenerate. . . to prepare for what's ahead.  Maybe I'll walk through the garden.  Knit a few rows.  Finish a book.*

It feels good . . . to have some pressure released.  Even if just for a day!  The sun is shining.  The garden is blooming.  And, suddenly, my weekend is beginning!

Hope you enjoy yours, too!


* But no clearing off of the desk!


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That's wonderful! Roll with the changes...


YAY for reprieves!! You'll be refreshed and ready to roll after a day of pampering.

Sharon R

Don't you just love it when you get some unexpected free time? Whether it's a couple more hours in bed, or a day for some "me" time, there's nothing more delicious. Enjoy!




I hope the time today gave you a chance to breathe and enjoy!


free time that just "happens" is the best feeling! hope you had a fun-filled, energizing day. happy weekend!

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