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There's No Place Like Paris

3-fer Thursday

Last week, Patty posted Thursday Three-fers.  What a great idea!  So great. . . I'm copying her!

Here goes. . .

Three Things I WISH I Were Doing. . .


  1. Sipping a café crème at a Paris café.
  2. Sipping a piña colada on a Belize beach.
  3. Weeding in my garden beds.

Three Things I'm ACTUALLY Doing. . .


  1. Tying up a thousand loose ends.
  2. Convincing people to do things they don't want to do.
  3. "Attending" a "webinar" I don't have time for.  (But, really.  Who ever has time for the Cultural Data Project?)

Three Things I'm GRATEFUL For. . .


  1. Remote computer connections (especially when they work).
  2. A dog at my feet.
  3. A glass of wine and a few rows of knitting at the end of a long (long) day.

I wish you all a great Thursday!


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This could almost be counted as a "count your blessings" post. The places you've been, the place you are now...a little stress to liven things up! lol

Sharon R

Great list! I'm with you on that glass of wine at the end of a long day.


Lovely post and thanks for the props! That lone tulip is one happy sight!


When does the major event happen so you can get your life back?


love this format! and wishing you a happy friday and a wonderful weekend!


Somehow I missed this post here I am a day late.
Did you get a nap in during the webinar? It sounded a bit boring!


Lovely, but where's my Jenny? ;^)

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