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We Are Family

No Ten on Tuesday this week.  Poor Carole is under the weather.  I thought I'd use this little hiatus to bring you a quick family update.

As you might remember, three months ago (right before the Christmas holidays), my mom had a tumble and ended up with a nasty leg fracture.  Surgery.  Pins.  Plates.  No-weight bearing.  Walkers.  Wheelchairs.  Physical Therapy.  Bleak times, for sure.

But, last week. . . she graduated from physical therapy.  And she had her last visit (for a while, at least) with her surgeon.  She is walking again.  And driving.  And has been given the go-ahead to begin working out at her gym again. 


After so many dark and horrid weeks during the winter, it is just lovely to see her out and about and getting back into her old routine and activities!  Great news all around.

And. . . as you can see. . . Erin came home for a visit last week. 


It was fabulous to have her (and her Keith) home for a bit.  (It's so nice to spoil your grown-up kids when they come back home.)

There was one day of overlap between Erin's visit home and Brian's spring break.  Although it feels a little like I have installed an offspring-revolving-door, it's nice to be able to spend some good time with each of them, individually.  So now . . . this week. . . my house is filled with big shoes, longboard paraphernalia, and smelly boy-laundry.


I'll take them any way I can get them!

We are family.


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such good news - and great photos! - I know you enjoyed having the kids home together. that happens way too seldom!


Glad to hear your Mom is doing so well. The whole family looks just Great!


It's great to hear everyone in your family is doing well, staying busy and, to make it all better, looking happy!!


And a great family it is! :)

Great news about your mother. I wish her many healthy years of all the activities she loves.


Wonderful pictures Kym. Glad everyone is doing great - especially your Mom.


Glad to hear that your mom is so much better. Yay!
And another Yay! for your kids being home. I loved those times.


Yay! I'm so glad your mom is doing so well! Love seeing the kids, of course. Y'all are so adorable!

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