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Shining Star

Yesterday, I met my dear friend Sandie for coffee.  Which we drank outside. . . on the patio of our favorite coffee shop. . .at 9:00 in the morning. . . without coats or sweaters. . . in MARCH!  As you might imagine, our conversation began with garden updates and general freaking out about the extended warm hot spell.

One thing we both noted . . . is that not only are the trees blooming significanly earlier this year. . . but they're more beautiful.  Just stunning, actually.  Everywhere you look.  Weeping cherry trees, magnolias, forsythias -- all in full, gorgeous bloom!

I have a small Star Magnolia tree in my front flower bed.  This is it's third season in my garden.  It has bloomed each year --- but this year?  Wow!


Sandie and I decided that the blooms are so much more lovely this year than in other seasons. . .


because of the unusual, sustained, uninterrupted span of gorgeous weather.


Usually, in a typical Michigan spring, we might have a couple of days (in a row) of sunny days and warm temperatures.  Buds begin to emerge.  But then, nature rights itself and heads back to cold and maybe even freezing temperatures.  Often with rain or heavy snow.  The blooms are thwarted.  (Last year, my Star Magnolia bloomed for about 2 minutes before a storm knocked off all the blooms.  No time for a photo or anything.)

But this year?  No storms.  Just day after day (after day) of sunshine and warmth.  All of the blossoms were able to pop at one time.  And stay that way!


Shining stars!