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Shining Images

Each month, the One Little Word project leads you through a guided exercise to help you connect with your chosen word in new and different ways.  For February, it was all about images. . . connecting with your word through photographs or other images that represent your word.


I had a lot of fun with this exercise!  I enjoyed looking through my photo files and finding those that "spoke" to me, in some way, about my word.  I ended up with quite a collection of photos that said SHINE. . . and then I winnowed it down to just nine.

After I chose my images (or maybe. . . I let them chose me. . .), I started reflecting on just why they said SHINE.  What, exactly, was it about each image that so represents SHINE for me?


Sometimes, something is incredibly beautiful and delicate and fine.  But you don't always notice it until the sun shines and catches it in the light.


There can be plenty of color and passion and beauty . . . even at the end of the day.


Take time to smell the roses!


Embrace each new day.


Quit putting your dreams aside.  DO the things you've always wanted to do.  SEE the things you've dreamed of seeing.  Find a way.


It's a beautiful world we live in.  Get out there.  Notice.


Even when things are in shadow, or you just see an outline, remember. . . the light is shining behind you.


Go for it!  Sip a café crème on the Champs-Élysees!  Follow your dreams. 


Every day is a gift.  Embrace your birthday.  MORE candles; more light; more chances to SHINE.


And, as a final reminder, I included a large image of the Holstee Manifesto - one of my favorite reminders to SHINE.


One Little Word. 



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This post has me all weepy. It's all so true. And I love that image of the spider web.


Beautiful pictures that depict "shine" perfectly!
Have you thought about making a coffee table book of your pictures and thoughts? I'd buy it.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And thanks for giving me something wonderful to put into my journal. Again!!!


This is so great Kym! I love how you have represented your word - and the photos are wonderful!

Thanks so much for the Manifesto link! I have already downloaded it.


Such gorgeous photos. You know how I feel about the Eiffel Tower at night.


I compiled my photos this morning - isn't this a great exercise! your blog post does such a nice job of tying the images to your word. and I LOVE the holstee manifesto - thanks for the link!!

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