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As you all know, I love plants.  Out in my garden, or inside my house.  I love watching them grow and change.  I love it when they flourish.  I love sharing my space with foliage and blooms and roots. 

I do not, however, fuss with my plants.


If you are one of my houseplants, I pay close attention to your light requirements, and I place you in the proper environment.  You get water once a week.  On Fridays.  But only if you're really dry.  In spring, when I'm more motivated, you might get a little plant food once in a while.  Every now and then, I may re-pot you.  I will pinch off your dead leaves and dust you when the mood strikes.  I will give you music, some conversation, and some laughter.

Beyond that. . . well, you're on your own.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting our local organic market/health food store and I found this sweet little plant, growing on a mini-topiary form, and I couldn't resist.  I brought him home with me.


This is not a good photo, and I am sorry about that.  Sadly, it is the only one I have.  The thing to note in this particular photo is that the plant is . . . alive.  And thriving.

The care tag on my new little plant looked like this:



I put the little guy in my sunny, east-facing window.  I gave him water; a good drenching, actually.

"Keep moist?"  No.  That tag should read . . . "Provide bog-like conditions for this plant.  Water thoroughly every five minutes.  Be sure there is Not One Particle of Dry Soil in this pot.  Better yet, submerge the entire pot in water!"

Because two days after a drenching, this happened:



Crispy.  Beyond all hope.  A casualty.

At first, I was disappointed. 

But now?  Not so much.  I have a cool pot and a topiary form.  I'll find another plant to grow in its place.  One that isn't fussy and won't require constant care.  The adorable little angel vine?  Not the right plant; not in my place!



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Oy! It looks almost like a plant that will be left in my care for awhile,,,,!

I really liked your detective story though.

Have a great weekend :)


And in the beginning of the story I was all ooooh I need to get one of those maybe. NOT! I'm sure you'll make that form rock!


Yeah, that's pretty much my lifestyle... not too fussy!!

Have a great weekend, Kym!


Pretty much the same story here, although we rarely bother with decorative plants any more.


Glad to hear that I'm not the only one with a green thumb that occasionally turns brown! I think care tags on plants are a bit like swatches...they both lie.
Have fun choosing what will go in the pot next. :D


The clay in the pot stealing water from the soil didn't do that little plant any favors, either. What a shame, but at least you've got that cute pot and form to play with.


I'm not so good with houseplants, I tend to neglect them. That's why I stick with pothos!


my mom and my sister can grow anything. me...nothing. I think it's great you're moving on and planning something more fabulous to use what that nasty plant left behind!

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