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It's in the Bag!!!


This week, Carole has us emptying the contents of our purses for Ten on Tuesday . . . with Ten Things in Your Purse.

Here's my (current) handbag.


Rather biggish.  Slouchy.  Easy to carry.  Goes with everything.  

Here's the inside view.


I don't tend to over-fill my bag with junk.  I tend to carry just what I need.  Here are the things I consider essential; the things  you'll always find in my bag:


  1. Wallet (with it's own subset of handy things inside!)
  2. Phone (My Precious. . .)
  3. Keys (with flashdrive and Eiffel Tower charm.)
  4. Glasses (This nifty glasses case carries both cheaters AND sunglasses in one!)
  5. Small notebook (for my grocery lists, errands, and miscellaneous notes-on-the-fly.)
  6. Lip balm (Burt's Bees with Mango!)
  7. Hand lotion (Neutrogena.  The best.)
  8. Mints (Altoids. Because I adore the tins.)
  9. Ear phones (Because you never know when you'll need to plug in.)
  10. Re-usable bag (I actually carry 3 and use them all the time.)
  11. Starbucks coffee cozy (I carry one and re-use.)
  12. Umbrella (A tiny little mini-umbrella.)

Oops.  That's twelve things.  But those are the items I always have with me. 

Sometimes, depending on my day, I'll add a book.  Or my iPad.  Maybe a bottle of water or some knitting.  Occasionally a make-up bag or some hairspray.  If Jenny is with me, some dog treats and a poop-bag.  But, generally, this is it!

How about you?  What's in YOUR bag?


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I need that eyeglass case! I love your bag.


Great idea for eye-glasses! If I had a purse that big it would be so full of stuff I wouldn't be able to carry it! If there is room it's filled, therefore, my handbag is small (and stuffed). ;-)


I'm beginning to notice a trend! I think every picture I've looked at so far has not only a cellphone, but an iPhone i it! I love that you carry a notebook in your purse... such a good idea! I think I may copy that...


I like all the color and pattern inside your purse!


My purse is stuffed with so much flotsam it's really kind of embarrasing. I'd have to leave out all kinds of things to whittle it down to 10! o.0


We carry a lot of the same stuff. I love that mini umbrella!


I love the Vera double eyeglass case too. I have two, since I like to travel with all four pair of glasses I own. Wish my purse was as tidy as yours!


Lots of items on your list I also listed...great minds...;-))

kathy b

Very interesting...I carry a notepad/notebook all the time too. Must jot things down


combined with my knitting bag, we have all the same stuff except for that mini-umbrella (yeah, I get rained on every so often!) and the starbucks cozy (great idea! starts tomorrow - and that can live in the pocket on my car door :-)


I carry a mini-umbrella in the summer. Love your glasses case -- how handy. I like that everything is colorful. That makes it easier to find things, imho.


I adore Altoid tins too! I used to save them for craft things. I wish I had the Curious George tin that they produced years ago. However, I have Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck etc. from Disney. They are pretty cool! Fun list!

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