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Be Careful What You Wish For: A Riff


  • We're enjoying a really weird weather pattern here in Michigan.
  • It's warm.
  • Like. . . really warm.
  • We've had temperatures in the 70s and 80s (F) for a couple of weeks, now.  A few rain storms here and there, but, for the most part, warm and sunny and beautiful.
  • Sometimes, we'll have a crazy-warm day (or maybe two in a row) during March and April.  But, for the most part, nothing sustained.
  • Not like this.


  • So. . . the weather is gorgeous.
  • What am I complaining about?
  • I'm trying not to freak out.  But.


  • My Star Magnolia (above; as photographed yesterday morning) is about to bloom.  Now.  In the middle of March.  This is the same tree that appeared in Brian's prom photos (way back).  In early May.
  • My forsythia are blooming. Already.
  • My daffodils are finished.  Finished.  In mid-March.


  • Trees and shrubs are budding - and leafing out.  There is spring green everywhere you look.  I have allium and tulips coming up. 
  • According to the MSU Extension office, everything horticulture-related is about 6-8 weeks ahead of "normal."
  • I hate to complain.
  • But this is unnerving.


  • Folks are out and about in shorts and tank tops and flip-flops.  You'd think we were a spring break destination or something.
  • And the weather forecast. . . looks like more of the same!  (At least for another week.)
  • Is this a problem?  I don't know.  But I'm sort of thinking it might be.


  • Like I said, I'm trying not to freak out.  But I feel like I'm already way behind in my garden.  I've moved from "having the itch" to get out there. . . to not having the time to "get out there."
  • Because my life isn't structured to actually have garden-time in March.  Or April.  I'm busy with other commiments.  And besides, I don't trust this weather. Really.
  • And I'm not ready to lug out all my warm-weather clothes yet, either.
  • Not.  Quite.  Yet.
  • I know I wished for spring.  But this is a bit too much. . . a bit too early!
  • I feel like I have suddenly been moved to a whole 'nother climate zone.
  • Or something!
  • One thing for sure, though . . . it's time for a pedicure.


And. . . drum roll. . . congratulations to Amy!  She made the 5,000th comment on my blog last Tuesday!  A little prize package is on the way to her.  And thanks to all of you for your comments.  I appreciate your taking the time to step and out and say something here on my blog.  I love you all!


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Sue Nagle

Yay, congrats on the comment milestone!

The weather is the same here, very warm, no rain with the south east already on alert for a hosepipe ban. What worries me is that it could still freeze, we don't get frost free until May.

I am planning to reduce the number of pots this year as I don't fancy watering the amount I had last year by hand!

Caitlin has just been accepted on her MSc in Environmental Archaology for next year, still in Sheffield.she is also doing an archaeological dig this summer in ... Trannsylvania!

Sharon R

Same thing here in Ontario. Stuff blooming way too early. Last year, it snowed on my birthday (March 23)!! We're all enjoying the beautiful weather, but there will be consequences later: food prices, increased insect population, etc. I do love your photos, though. And goodness yes, pedicures before breaking out the sandals!!


Nice photos!
Same here in Colorado.
It's been so dry with strong wind almost everyday; great fire danger.

It's time to clean the pond and start the pump. Our pond ices up too much to run it all winter, but we do use a de-icer for the fish.
Do you have yours running all year?


The jonquils are starting to blossom, the forsythia has just started, and I haven't seen my squill, but everything is cold and covered in snow today. It's very likely we won't reach 40 today. You're right to be concerned, but since you can't really do anything about it...enjoy the warmth!!


The spring is here too and do you know where they had a major snow storm yesterday? Arizona - seriously!

Someone is making fun of me - yes, I take it very personally.


Okay. Now I am freaking out. You should not have that much spring yet, my friend. This can't end well.


Yep. Me, too. I am so worried about the fruit trees!! It's HUMID today. I am trying not to freak out, too, but it's just TOO WERID.


yep, it's weird. and I'm just going with it. flip-flops, a pink pedicure and shorts. in mid-march. even here in georgia that's weird. but I'm still not planting annuals til mother's day. I'm not gonna invite the snowstorm of the century by bending that rule!


Having been born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and having relatives still there, I feel your uneasiness. I remember having the day or two of unseasonably warm weather to be followed by raging thunder storms, wind, sometimes tornados, and then back to winter. Here in Southern California it barley got out of the 50s all weekend! And lots of rain...which we need - the cold? Not so much. Also very weird weather!


I've been feeling much the same way about this weather. It's glorious but unnerving all at the same time. And yes, time for a pedicure! I wanted to wear sandals on Sunday but my feet were in no shape to be seen!


Weatherwise I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. This weather is kinda unnerving. If this keeps up it could be a hot dry summer. So not what the farmer husband is looking for...

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