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Already the End of March?

This month seems to have flown by even faster than usual!  I remember March usually being a bit of a slog . . . with the weather and the itching for spring and all.  But not this year!  It flew. . . with the weather and the itching for spring and all.

Regardless, it's already time again. . . to share what's going on in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.


Watching . . . things pop up in my garden.  Everywhere.  Everyday.  It's not as warm as it was earlier this month, but still way warmer than usual.  Spring has sprung.

Reading . . . The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.  Just opened it; can't weigh in on it quite yet, but it looks promising.

Knitting . . . Waiting for yarn to finish my colorwork bag; nearly finished with my MadelineTosh honey cowl; thinking about casting on for a lightweight, laceweight, summer cardigan.  And maybe some socks.  (Yeah.  You heard right.  Socks.)

Listening to . . . Esperanza Spalding's Radio Music Society, which is just heavenly and gets better with each listen.

Thinking about . . . a new camera.  Tom is getting me one for my birthday, but I need to do some research first.

Dreading . . . a couple of commitments I've made.  What was I thinking?

Planning . . . gardens!

Excited about . . . tickets to see Paula Poundstone next weekend with Tom. 

Humming . . . Firework by Katy Perry (heard it at spinning on Tuesday night and can't get it out of my head).


Drinking . . . a very nice cab!

Itching to . . . wear my flip-flops again.  (That little summer-teaser we had earlier this month has me itching for more.)

Needing to . . . do my taxes.  Still.  (This was my "needing to" last month, too.)

Organizing . . . well, nothing.  But I need to get to work on my closet -- which is exploding with wool sweaters and boots and tights and tank tops and shorts and flip-flops.  It's as confused as I am about the season.

Inspired by . . . spring!  I'm suddenly feeling spriter, dressing brighter, cooking lighter.  I can feel it!  A new season . . . and I'm ready.

Delighted by. . . these wonderful coffee mugs by a local artist,  They capture my love of buildings, grids, and color.


Recording . . . Mad Men.  Because I just don't have the time to watch tv right now.  At all.

How about you?  What's happening for YOU . . . Right Now?



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Love those mugs! I need another mug like I need another skein of yarn, but that doesn't stop me from buying them!


So much of what you're thinking is also on my mind. The change of seasons has us waiting in anticipation of sun and warmth. I need bare toes!
Can a tea drinker ever have too many mugs? Methinks, no!


I've got the toes painted in anticipation! Heading to the Cape this weekend...maybe I'll grab a bottle of that Cab for the hosts!


pretty pictures! I love that your currents always send me off to find new books and music!


I'm reading the last of the Hunger Games trilogy, knitting a Beach Glass shawl and socks, and needing a pedicure!


I'm knitting potholders, going to work, and I've got a prom dress that needs shortening by about 6" and has 5 skirt layers...I'm waiting for the mood to be right to tackle that project! o.0


May I steal this idea? Love it. Also LOVE those mugs! Something about kid-like (or kid) artwork... the decor at the pizza place we were at on Saturday. Just totally charming. Also, maybe it makes me feel like there's hope... that I'm talented, after all!!
; )

Diana Troldahl

-Working on expanding my ear snuggler hat pattern to 6 sizes instead of just the preemie
-watching Os as he replies to emails and makes job contacts from this morning's emails
-watching old Dick Van Dyke shows when I have boring stuff to knit.
-writing a review for Dana Stabenow's 'Restless in the Grave'
-Looking forward to a grocery shopping trip.

Sharon R

This month has been interesting for me with really high highs and some deep lows. The highs include the incredible weather and an amazing three days of birthday celebrations. The lowest would have to be the news that my best friend's cancer has spread to her brain. In between, there have been good bottles of wine, Downton Abbey, lots of music, and the realization that you really have to live to the fullest.

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