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Beats the Alternative!

Already the End of March?

This month seems to have flown by even faster than usual!  I remember March usually being a bit of a slog . . . with the weather and the itching for spring and all.  But not this year!  It flew. . . with the weather and the itching for spring and all.

Regardless, it's already time again. . . to share what's going on in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.


Watching . . . things pop up in my garden.  Everywhere.  Everyday.  It's not as warm as it was earlier this month, but still way warmer than usual.  Spring has sprung.

Reading . . . The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.  Just opened it; can't weigh in on it quite yet, but it looks promising.

Knitting . . . Waiting for yarn to finish my colorwork bag; nearly finished with my MadelineTosh honey cowl; thinking about casting on for a lightweight, laceweight, summer cardigan.  And maybe some socks.  (Yeah.  You heard right.  Socks.)

Listening to . . . Esperanza Spalding's Radio Music Society, which is just heavenly and gets better with each listen.

Thinking about . . . a new camera.  Tom is getting me one for my birthday, but I need to do some research first.

Dreading . . . a couple of commitments I've made.  What was I thinking?

Planning . . . gardens!

Excited about . . . tickets to see Paula Poundstone next weekend with Tom. 

Humming . . . Firework by Katy Perry (heard it at spinning on Tuesday night and can't get it out of my head).


Drinking . . . a very nice cab!

Itching to . . . wear my flip-flops again.  (That little summer-teaser we had earlier this month has me itching for more.)

Needing to . . . do my taxes.  Still.  (This was my "needing to" last month, too.)

Organizing . . . well, nothing.  But I need to get to work on my closet -- which is exploding with wool sweaters and boots and tights and tank tops and shorts and flip-flops.  It's as confused as I am about the season.

Inspired by . . . spring!  I'm suddenly feeling spriter, dressing brighter, cooking lighter.  I can feel it!  A new season . . . and I'm ready.

Delighted by. . . these wonderful coffee mugs by a local artist,  They capture my love of buildings, grids, and color.


Recording . . . Mad Men.  Because I just don't have the time to watch tv right now.  At all.

How about you?  What's happening for YOU . . . Right Now?