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I have . . . ambivalent feelings. . .about Valentine's Day.


Oh, I partake in the chocolates.  And I send a few Valentine cards.  But I tend not to like special days that create expectations and pressure.  And I especially don't like "holidays" that make people feel bad or lonely or somehow. . . less than.

Valentine's Day is fine . . . when you have a Valentine.  But it's pretty darn miserable when you don't.  Who needs a special day that celebrates "couple-dom" . . . when it's perfectly acceptable (and often times preferable) to be . . . not a couple!  (And don't get me started on how miserable Valentine's Day can be for couples . . . when one member of the couple expects Valentine surprises. . . and one member would rather demonstrate love in other ways. . .)

So, personally, I tend to downplay Valentine's Day.  Tom and I usually find fun cards for each other, and we always, Always, ALWAYS buy each other chocolate.  But we don't do gifts or go out for a Valentine dinner, and Tom doesn't send me roses.  We just decided, together, that we don't need that type of pressure.

But now. . . back to the chocolate!  This week, Carole asks us about our Ten Favorite Chocolate Treats.  Mine . . . tend to the more basic of the genre:

  1. Brownies (the chewy kind)
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Chocolate sauce on plain vanilla ice cream (or peppermint!)
  4. Chocolate-covered dried cherries
  5. Chocolate-covered caramels
  6. Chocolate malts
  7. Hershey's Kisses
  8. Frango chocolate mint candy
  9. Hot cocoa (with whipped cream)
  10. Nearly any high-quality chocolate tidbit (because it really does need to be worth the calorie intake!)

Mmmmmm.  Now I'm off to raid my new Valentine box of chocolates!  Happy Valentine's Day . . . however you do (or don't) celebrate!


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