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Still Growing!

A few weeks ago, I showed you Spot . . . my agave plant that was sending up a bloom.  Unexpectedly.  In the middle of winter.

I thought you might be interested in an update.

Here is Spot now.


When I last showed you Spot, the bloom stalk was just a little over 5 feet tall.  The pot had been sitting on one of the platforms of the plant stand you can see in the photo above, but last week, I noticed the stalk had reached the ceiling, so I moved Spot to the floor -- and staked him.

Now, he is well over 8 feet tall!  I'm 5'8" . . . and this is my view of the stalk looking up (from my eye level).


And it's still growing! 

The buds are getting larger and more pronounced.


It's really quite something!  I can't wait to see what the flower will look like when it blooms.   Any guesses on color?

In the meantime, I've purchased another agave plant (a different variety this time). 


I wonder what this one will do?


Looking for something good to read?  I just read my first 5-star book of 2012 . . . and it was FABulous.   Really good.  This one will stick with me for a long, long time!  (Initially, I hesitated about reading it. . . because it is quite gruesome in parts.  I will say now, though, that this is one of those books that is worth a little wading around in the muck.)