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The View From My Knitting Place

Ordinary Stuff

Saturday was a day-of-note for me.  The anniversary of my final chemo treatment. 

Three years.

And what did I do to mark the occasion?  Well.  An intense spinning class.  A long walk with Jenny.  A letter to my oldest friend.  Pruning roses.  (Yeah.  It was that nice.)  Chocolate biscotti with my tea.  Vacuuming.  Some knitting.  And a glass of wine.

Ordinary stuff.


The stuff of life.


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Cheers and here's to a long and wonderful one!


Cute pic. Are you wearing a Stormy Kromer cap?? Love the ordinary. "It's just the normal noises in here..."
; )


The stuff that makes up a life is the best stuff of all.


Sounds like a perfect day.


Happy anniversary. Happy, smiley face. :0)


Very nice photo of you Kym! Cheers to good health!!! ordinary stuff is great stuff:)


Congratulations on getting through the chemo in one piece and for embracing all the little stuff. The little stuff is how we mark our days and fill our lives. You're filling yours with the good stuff.

Btw, wanna come over and chop my roses? I'm only 6 weeks late. *L*


It's nice to have just the ordinary after having the extraordinary in your life. Glad to see you enjoying your day!


Ordinary stuff is the BEST! Thanks for reminding us -- it is too easy to forget just how wonderful our lives are.


Ordinary stuff is the best there is!


What a special day for a special person!
Congratulations, Kym!


congratulations! ...that saturday sounds wonderful. "stuff of life" indeed!

Susan Voegtly - aka CintiSue

Congratulations! and thanks for expressing your awareness of taking care of yourself - now and then!
Best wishes for a jillion more great days like today.


What a great anniversary Kym and it sounds like you celebrated it exactly the way it should be commemorated ... by just living!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay


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