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Hurray for Hollywood!


I watched the Oscars last Sunday night (the Red Carpet show, too!).  Usually, when I watch the Academy Awards, I fade in and out and get a bit bored.  But this year (thanks to my current state of mind, I'm pretty sure) I gave it my full attention.  I didn't even knit.  (Yeah.  Definitely my current state of mind.)  Tom watched with me.  (And that pretty much never happens.)

What was it about this year that captured our attention?  This week's Ten on Tuesday topic helps me figure that out . . . Here are Ten Thoughts on This Year's Oscars:


  1. It was more fun because we were rooting for our favorites (Hugo and The Artist)!  We had actually seen several of the nominated movies this year, so we cared a little more about the outcomes.
  2. I always love to see what everyone is wearing, and this year didn't disappoint!  (Tom, however, noted that there wasn't as much cleavage as in some years.)  Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia were fun commentators during the Red Carpet show.  I always like to hear their perspective on fashion.
  3. Tom and I both liked seeing Octavia Spencer's reaction to winning the Best Supporting Actress award.  She was overwhelmed and thrilled -- and it seemed so genuine and "real."  (Although, as Tom pointed out, they are all . . . ACTORS. . . and it is HOLLYWOOD. . .)
  4. And how fun was Meryl Streep's acceptance speech?  I laughed and laughed when she said. . . "whatever!"  You go, Meryl!
  5. We both thought the pace of the show was much better than in past years.  Speeches were (for the most part) shorter and more to the point.  There were still some draggy points, but overall, it was better.
  6. There were plenty of close-ups of George Clooney.  I never tire of seeing George.  (His girlfriend had a GREAT dress, don't you think?)
  7. I liked the Cirque du Soleil performance.  I thought it was fun and amusing.  (Tom was in the bathroom.)
  8. Much as I like Robert Downey, Jr. . . . I think his little "skit" for the documentary award presentations was totally useless.  Same with Emma Stone's star-struck bit.  Tedious.  (But her dress was GORGEOUS.)
  9. I liked, however, the Christopher Guest (and company) "spot."
  10. And, of course, both Tom and I loved seeing the adorable dog from The Artist up on the stage.  We loved the dog in the movie . . . loved seeing him sitting in his own seat at the Oscars. . . and then joining everyone up on stage.  What a star!

And, really.  That's what the Oscars are all about . . . seeing stars!

(Oh, and I guess this is Number 11.  Did anyone else think Angelina Jolie looked like she might perish from hunger?  Right there on the stage?  I think she had to stick her leg out like that for balance.  So she wouldn't collapse.)


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I enjoyed your comments, but we didn't watch, didn't see the movies and for the first time ever, don't care about any of it.


We didn't watch but after reading 3 or 4 "Ten on Tuesdays" I feel like I know what went on...
And I've looked at the dresses online. Even I can't skip the dresses! :)


Great list Kym! I don't watch the Oscars (haven't for years) although I am enjoying reading everyone's different perspectives. Glad you enjoyed them. There are classy people in Hollywood ... you just don't see them too often.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

I loved the moment when the awardee struck an Angelina Jolie pose in his tux. I'm not sure his fellow recipients knew what he was doing, but I found his camp hilarious!


Your list is wonderful and I agree with you on every single point! Well, except for Emma Stone's dress. Meh.


Kym - I'm with you on Emma Stone's skit but I didn't really care for the dress! I did like Michelle Williams red number though! Great show this year.


I like the red carpet and all the wrap-up coverage - yours included! I have dvr'd the cirque scene and hope to watch it soon. katie said it was great, too.


You are not the only one to notice Angelina Jolie's anorexic/buliemic shape:

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