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Close Encounters. . . of the Eiffel Kind

As many of you will remember, last April my sister and I took a little trip to Paris.


I had wanted to visit Paris since junior high . . . when I started taking French in school.  I was always so intrigued by everything Paris, and dreamed of seeing the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, la Tour Eiffel.  I wanted to sip a café crème on the Champs-Élysées. 

Actually being in Paris was fabulours.  All the sights were wonderful -- just what I'd always dreamed they'd be.

But what I really loved most . . . was the Eiffel Tower!


I was absolutely enchanted from the very first glimpse . . . out our hotel window, over the rooftops and between two chimneys!  It simply . . . delighted me!

And now, nearly a year later, I am still charmed.  In fact, it's kind of like the Close Encounters of the Third Kind . . . only instead of "seeing" the Devil's Tower monument, I'm "seeing" the Eiffel Tower.  Everywhere.

I find myself strangely attraced to the Eiffel Tower.  And I'm surrounding myself with its image.  I carry it with me on my keychain.


(You can even see its image on the calendar page on the wall. . .)

My current journal features the Eiffel.


The opening screen on both my phone and iPad are photos I took of the Eiffel on our trip.


I keep images of the Eiffel Tower in my "inspiration areas" . . . the bulletin board near my desk.


A table in my sewing room.


On the shelves in my library, where I can see it from my "knitting spot."


For me, the Eiffel Tower is a visual reminder of a wonderful trip I shared with my sister.  We send each other little Eiffel mementos now. (She is having a similar "close encounter" experience.)  It's easy to find cards and books. . .


coasters. . .


magnets. . .


notepads. . .


even nail files!


I'm surrounded by images of the Eiffel Tower . . .

and I love it!


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I have always loved the thought of going to Paris. The Eiffel tower is such an iconic image and I can really understand why you have such a love affair with it. I love your memorabilia - so lovely.


Paris and the Eiffel Tower just go hand in hand and so it's the perfect way to remember a special trip with your sister. What a wonderful way to keep the memories going!


The image must stimulate fabulous memories from your trip. No wonder you keep it close. Nothing says Paris like the Eiffel Tower!


I have never been to France, but Elder Son spent 2 or 3 weeks there in high school. In my cube at work I have a photo he took looking up into the Eiffel Tower at night.


I have a small charm of the Eiffel Tower that I got in Paris (at the Arc de Triomphe gift shop, strangely enough) which I keep on a chain to wear with t-shirts. I share your enchantment.


Do you speak about that ugly metal structure obstructing the view in the middle of wonderful Paris?!?
Joking of course :)


oh my - yet ANOTHER thing we have in common!! Katie & I went to Paris in May 2009 to celebrate her college graduation. I was delighted when we could see the the eiffel tower from our living room window.


That's wonderful! I love that you've been there and it holds meaning and real memories for you now!

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