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Year End Review: The Not Knitting

Last week, I posted about my knitting in 2011.  I mentioned that I wasn't as prolific as I have been in past years.  Maybe.  Just maybe. . . that's because I spent a good deal of my time Not Knitting. 

I got my sewing machine out again.  I did a major crochet project.  I started journaling.  I even started . . . some other (Not Blogged) art projects.

I liked Not Knitting.  Not enough to give up knitting (never), but I enjoyed the diversion.  My five favorite Not Knitting projects during 2011:

1.  My Project Spectrum "True Colors" crocheted blanket. . .


2.  The lunch bag I sewed for Erin. . .


3.  The apron I sewed (also for Erin) -- it's reversible!



4.  The owl potholders I made (again. . . for Erin). . .


5.  Roll-up shopping bags I made as a Christmas gift (for Erin!). . .


I never did blog about these bags.  Because life got a little hectic there around the holidays, and I finished these up while my mom was in the hospital.  They're pretty cool, though.


Simple, quick, neat.  I followed this tutorial.  As a bonus, the bags roll up so you can keep them handy with you when you're out and about.


Looks like Erin was the primary beneficiary of my Not Knitting in 2011.  (She's not getting the blanket, though!!!)


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Love all the owls! And thanks for sharing the bag tutorial - just might make a few of those.


I have an overabundance of love for that crocheted blanket. Everything else is wonderful, too. Hannah tends to get a lot of my craft projects, it's nice to have a daughter to make things for, isn't it?


All great things...lucky Erin! I've got fabric for aprons and patterns for doll clothes but just can't seem to tear myself away from the knitting long enough to do them...


You have had a very inspired year of crafting. The little owls are about as cute as anything can be.


That blanket is so wonderful!! LOVE that bag -- Katie gave me one for Mother's Day that she'd found in London that folded up in a little pouch. So handy -- and this looks even handier!

Erin is a lucky girl!
; )

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

What a fun, creative year you've had. I especially love the blanket---the colors are fabulous!


You are so good! I'm so impressed with how much you got done over the holidays with all the added excitement/worry/people.

Well done!


I never noticed that blanket was crocheted. wow! and I want to be Erin this year when it comes to gifting!!


Such pretty things! Love the owl fabric and potholders. And that bag that rolls up is a genius design. Erin has been lucky!

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