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Year End Review: The Books

Year End Review: The Knitting

At the end of the year, I always enjoy looking back to review what I did with my time.  Today, let's check out my knitting in 2011.

Generally, it was a far less prolific year than usual when it came to production.  I think I spent as much time knitting as usual, but just didn't seem to end up with much to show for it.  Seems I was more focused on small things. . . baby sweaters, hats, vampires.  And, of course, the slippers.  All the slippers!

If I choose my five favorite knitting projects for the year, I think I'd have to choose these:

My Summer Solstice cardigan. . .


My Bettie Boop Noni bag. . .


The little Gift Wrap Sweater . . .


My Cladonia shawl. . .


And, well, the Duffers!  (All of them, actually. . . but I like the color combination on this pair for Erin best of all.)


(Ravelry links here, here, here, here, and here.)


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Those are all great projects. I especially like Cladonia, the colors are gorgeous together.


Looks to me like you had a wonderful year. Love that cardigan!
Happy Knitting to you in the New Year!


I'll soon be knitting some Duffers -- love those! Love them all!!


Great projects! I've gotta get Bettie Boop in my queue...she's just the cutest thing ever. :D


Plus you made a blanket! Hello!


ditto Cookie's comment - that blanket was AWESOME! I love the variety of your projects...plenty of colors and sizes, too. (I think I was in a sweater rut...)


Oh yes, your Noni bag! It's so darling and very unique. You were quite prolific this year so don't sell yourself short.
This year was my slowest knitting year ever. I'm living vicariously through all my friends and their fabulous projects.

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