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Year End Review: The Garden

Today, the weather in my corner of the world is cold and icy and snowy.  A perfect day to look back at my garden in 2011!


2011 was a good year in the garden -- despite a cold spring and a steamy, hot summer.


I was generally pleased with the progress of most of my newer "areas."  Like the pergola (in its third season in my backyard), above.  Or my hillside shade garden (in its second season in my backyard, below.


I played with color and texture quite a bit in my 2011 garden, and overall, I was pleased with the results.


There were lots of things to love about my garden last season.  But if I had to choose. . . what were my five favorite garden stories in 2011?  Well. . .

1.  My new pond.





The waterfall and new plantings were such a delight all season long!  I can't wait to see what this area does in its second season.  (And I hope my fish -- the three amigos Boo, Simon, and Garfunkel -- weather the winter without . . . incident.)

2.  My rain barrel.


My birthday gift last spring, the rain barrel worked like a charm and was a great source of water for my patio plants all season long.  (Can't wait to hook it up again!)

3.  My bees and butterflies.



I loved watching the bees and butterflies all summer long, and I was especially happy that my Mason Bee House . . . worked!  It was just buzzin' and so much fun to watch.

4.  Certifying my yard as a Wildlife Habit. . . and as a Monarch Waystation.



This was really an easy thing to do!  I take quite a bit a teasing from . . . ahem, ALL members of my family ("Mom.  We got another call from the monarchs. . . wondering if you have any rooms available for September 8. . . "), but I'm pleased to couple my love of gardening with my concern for the environment -- and the creatures who live among us.  (So there.)

5.  My "thing" for succulents!



I've been fascinated with succulents for a couple of years now, but they really became a "thing" for me in 2011.  I added them everywhere -- then created a small succulent bed (near my hot driveway) and experimented with several succulent container gardens.  (Most of the containers are overwintering inside -- and seeing these photos from the summer makes me realize how much they've grown!)

I'm itching to dig and plant again.  For now, though, I'll just have to look at my photos . . .and dream about spring!


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The space you've created is a reflection of the calm, ever changing, and beautiful person you are.


what a talent you have! I love the sunshine and all the colors...dreaming about spring for sure!


The seed catalogs should start showing up soon too and will give you even more to think about! Thanks for the summer's -18 here this morning...brr.


It's so cold here today -- a most wonderful day to walk through your garden. I just love that Mason Bee house!


It's so refreshing to look at garden photos this time of year. I love that your family teases you about the monarch sign - it sounds just like something my family would to me.


Your garden looks like it should be featured in Fine Gardening.


You really have the touch. It's always so wonderful to see your garden.


You're such an inspiration Kym! I gifted three of the bee houses this Christmas and kept one for our garden. Let the pollination begin!


I think somebody is wishing for the winter to end :)
You have a gorgeous garden Kym!!!

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