Fifty Years
A Sort Of Love-Hate Relationship

Go, Spot, Go!

Last summer, in one of my succulent frenzies, I sort of fell in love with this guy. . .


He is an agave -- Agave 'spot' -- to be precise.  (Tequila comes from the agave plant . . . although not this particular agave.)  I like the texture of this plant . . . and I'm pretty much a sucker for spotted leaves.

This agave was quite happy in a pot out on my patio all summer long.

Then, I brought him inside for the winter -- expecting him to go into a dormant stage.

But something odd started happening.

First, his leaves started to yellow, beginning from the tips and moving up.  I was disappointed, but I thought maybe it was part of the dormancy stage.  I cut off the offending leaves and kept him in a sunny spot and gave him some water whenever he was really, really, really dried out.

His leaves kept dying.  And the ones that remained (and a couple of new ones) were lighted in color -- and didn't have spots.


And then. . . something amazing started to happen! 

This. . .


grew up out of the middle of the plant!  He's going to flower!  That stalk-thing is over 5 feet tall!  And there is a bloom on the tip.

All of the information I can find on agaves (and the Spot, in particular) mention that they sometimes bloom in the summer.  And rarely indoors.  And here is my guy. . . ready to bloom.  Indoors.  In January.

I'm not sure if these plants normally lose their leaves and begin to die when they're going to bloom or not. . . but that's what mine seems to be doing.  My only hope for longer-term survival is this. . .


These two little "shoots" are popping up in the pot.  New little agaves?  Perhaps!

I'll keep you posted on the bloom . . . and the "shoots."  In the meantime, Spot is giving this gardener something to futz over in the dormant season.  Go, Spot, Go!




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It's always an adventure, being a gardener! You take good care of your plants and Spot is rewarding you now. Yay!


A mystery in the blooming! Can't wait to see what happens to your spotted friend!


Succulents are amazing. Anxious to see what the bloom is like! Go Spot Go!!


You make it sound like a thriller, or should I say read? :)


Super Gardener! Go Kym Go! It's so much fun when a plant does the unexpected. :)


My theory is that your agave has been magically transformed into... an amaryllis!

Patent that and you can retire ;-)

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Wow! That is so cool! You definitely have the Green Thumb, Kym.


The plant is giving all it's got to the flower, right? So the spots and leaves had to go. Just my guess, but I think it makes sense.

Super cool, no matter what's going on or why.


go Kym go! (yes I am actually smiling about plants. you rock!!)


Can't wait to see the picture of the bloom :)

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