The Island of Misfit Knits
Year End Review: The Knitting

Fresh Start!


I always like the New Year.

Everything is fresh. . .


And blank.  Ready for a new start.


This week, Carole has us thinking about Ten Things We Want To Do in the New Year.  I've been having fun thinking about this all day!  Here's what I want to do:

  1. Keep Doing What Works -- keep my good habits going strong into the new year. . . a commitment to fitness, healthy eating, getting enough rest, leaving room for a little excitement now and then
  2. Take Time to Reflect -- about myself and who I am -- and find outlets for expression . . . journaling, blogging, writing, One Little Word, exploring creative outlets
  3. Use Bold Strokes -- color with all the crayons in the box. . . create, explore color, and texture, and mix things up a bit; let my craft reflect my self . . . with fiber, fabric, flowers, photos, and art materials
  4. Expand My Personal Toolbox-- learn new things and take time to experiment . . . finish the Master Composter program, broaden my skills with PhotoShop, find a new camera, travel to new places, try new recipes and restaurants, knit gloves
  5. Practice Kindness -- what can I do to lift someone's load. . . smile more, say something, lend a hand, reach out -- it's the little things that make a difference
  6. Celebrate the Ordinary -- after all, the Ordinary is ExtraOrdinary. . . keep my priorities straight, acknowledge and celebrate the every-day-ness, and use the Good China (for Pete's sake)
  7. Simplify -- get rid of the baggage. . . organize, prioritize, shed
  8. Do a Good Job -- if I take it on, I need to give it my all . . . so choose my work carefully - and then. . . do it well
  9. Maintain Balance -- pay attention to the yin and yang . . . consider consequences to personal balance when choosing to add new activities and commitments
  10. Take Delight -- enjoy life. . . laugh, smile, see the lighter side. . . because if there is One Thing I Know For Sure, it's that life can change in a heartbeat.  So enjoy it while you can, and take delight in what is around you -- every day!

Happy New Year!