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Year End Review: The Knitting

Fresh Start!


I always like the New Year.

Everything is fresh. . .


And blank.  Ready for a new start.


This week, Carole has us thinking about Ten Things We Want To Do in the New Year.  I've been having fun thinking about this all day!  Here's what I want to do:

  1. Keep Doing What Works -- keep my good habits going strong into the new year. . . a commitment to fitness, healthy eating, getting enough rest, leaving room for a little excitement now and then
  2. Take Time to Reflect -- about myself and who I am -- and find outlets for expression . . . journaling, blogging, writing, One Little Word, exploring creative outlets
  3. Use Bold Strokes -- color with all the crayons in the box. . . create, explore color, and texture, and mix things up a bit; let my craft reflect my self . . . with fiber, fabric, flowers, photos, and art materials
  4. Expand My Personal Toolbox-- learn new things and take time to experiment . . . finish the Master Composter program, broaden my skills with PhotoShop, find a new camera, travel to new places, try new recipes and restaurants, knit gloves
  5. Practice Kindness -- what can I do to lift someone's load. . . smile more, say something, lend a hand, reach out -- it's the little things that make a difference
  6. Celebrate the Ordinary -- after all, the Ordinary is ExtraOrdinary. . . keep my priorities straight, acknowledge and celebrate the every-day-ness, and use the Good China (for Pete's sake)
  7. Simplify -- get rid of the baggage. . . organize, prioritize, shed
  8. Do a Good Job -- if I take it on, I need to give it my all . . . so choose my work carefully - and then. . . do it well
  9. Maintain Balance -- pay attention to the yin and yang . . . consider consequences to personal balance when choosing to add new activities and commitments
  10. Take Delight -- enjoy life. . . laugh, smile, see the lighter side. . . because if there is One Thing I Know For Sure, it's that life can change in a heartbeat.  So enjoy it while you can, and take delight in what is around you -- every day!

Happy New Year!



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Is that a current snow picture? Wow, we've got practically nothin' over here.

LOVE YOUR LIST! That's probably the best I've read all day. Thanks Kym!
; )


Your list includes all the important things.


a beautiful list! all the best for 2012, Kym!!


That is a GREAT list Kym!
Especially #10.Take Delight -- enjoy life. . . laugh, smile, see the lighter side. . .
I think your list contains everything important that we have to do every day to be whole persons!!!
Great goals for a fresh New Year!!!


Words to live by. I'm cutting yours out and pasting it in my new journal! ;-)


Great list! #10 is the best though and the one I really need to remember. I need to quit sweating the small stuff...


I, too, am printing this out and will post it on the bulletin board by my desk for inspiration in 2012.
Happy New Year, Kym.


I love ALL of these and have found inspiration reading them. Lots of people seem to be simplifying. And, I think I will do some 'bold strokes' as well.


Wonderful list!


You put together words in such a perfectly, delightful way. While I love everything on your list, "take delight" is my favorite.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Ten good things to keep in mind for the New Year! They all resonate, but #5 has me looking outward, which I can sometimes neglect in the "hurry-scurry."

Thanks for sharing this with us (your readers).

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