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A Sort Of Love-Hate Relationship


I keep a running list of Books-I-Want-To-Read and Movies-I-Want-To-See.  There are hundreds of books titles on the book list . . . and just a handful of movies on the movies list.  (Lucky for me, there are 12 at present, so I have some breathing room for today's Ten on Tuesday list!)


You see, I have a sort of love-hate relationship with the movies.  I love the concept of Going to the Movies.  I have many happy memories of going-to-the-show with my friends as I was growing up.   I like the coomfort of the newer stadium-style movie theatres.  But.  I rarely go to the movies.  Instead. . . I wait.  I watch them on my own television in the comfort of my own family room.  (Usually with my knitting and a glass of wine.)

Anyway.  Back to my list!  This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is Ten Movies We'd Like to See Right Now.  Here goes:

  1. The Artist (This one just sounds delightful.)
  2. Moneyball (I have a thing for baseball movies.)
  3. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Yeah.  I know.  I rarely watch movie versions of books-I-loved, but I've heard this one is quite good.  And.  Well.  Daniel Craig.)
  4. My Week With Marilyn (Just want to watch Michelle Williams become Marilyn Monroe, which I've heard is pretty amazing.)
  5. The Descendents (Ummmm.  George Clooney.)
  6. The Ides of March (Yeah.  George again.)
  7. Hugo (I came this close to seeing this one in an actual theatre. . . but ended up not.)
  8. A Separation (This foreign film is getting great reviews.)
  9. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Robert Downey, Jr.  And Jude Law.  'Nuff said.)
  10. Haywire (I'm sort of interested in seeing why this is described as a "fast and spare thriller;" what does that mean, exactly?)

And there you have it!

How about YOU?  What movie do you want to see right now?


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