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A Little Slice

Once a month (or so), Mary does something called "currents" on her blog, where she lists things that are "current" in her life.  I think this is a really cool idea -- especially relevant for blogging-as-journaling; it's a great way to capture a moment in time.

So I'm going to lift Mary's concept for my own blog. 

Toward the end of each month, I'll share a little slice of my life . . . right now. . . here on my blog.


Right Now, I am. . .

Reading  Old Filth by Jane Gardam and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Knitting  some thrummed mittens (rather tedious, but I want them for walking Jenny; my hands get so cold)

Listening to Pandora on the Shawn Colvin station, switching out with the Foo Fighters station from time to time for variety

Thinking about how I use my time

Dreading  jury duty (again) and Tom leaving for Mumbai (again)

Planning how to execute the Month of Letters challenge (click here for information)

Excited about meeting Brian for dinner in Holland tonight

Happy because my Mom is now able to walk. . . in her walking boot. . . with the aid of a walker

Humming Firework (Katy Perry), which has been stuck in my head on nearly continuous loop for 3 days now

Drinking Vanilla Almond black tea from the Republic of Tea

Wishing I could get to gardening

Needing to clean my oven

Organizing my tax documents (they're streaming in now)

Inspired by The Happiness Project

Delighted by my new Vera Bradley laptop bag. . . because it works, and it makes me happy


Happy weekend!



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Month of Letters... I might catch up on all the correspondence that niggles me each and every day!


Great way to have a snapshot of your life to look back on. That Mary is a smart one!
/I've gotta clean my oven too. o.0


Month of Letters has me thinking. Could I do this? Would I enjoying it? Should I?


I love your list ... and that bag! The tea looks interesting too.


I like this blog format and will probably be stealing it myself very soon. Pretty new Vera bag!


Lovely post! If I get lost in the Vera Bradley site, I'm blaming you!


love seeing this idea spread around! thanks for the link about the letters. I just might do that (I already mail 3 pieces every monday, which is 12 total for the month - I'm halfway there!)...and love the laptop bag!


What a great idea!

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