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Transformation. . . on the Cheap

For reasons we won't discuss here on the blog, I need to cover the interior side of my front door.  I was looking for some sort of . . . decorative swag . . . to display (and hide a rather unsightly, ummm, feature.)

I have plenty of Christmas decorations.  In fact, I've decided I have Enough Christmas Decorations, and I'm not purchasing any more.  Ever (if I can help it).  But I didn't have anything appropriate to hang on the interior side of my front door -- right there in the entry way.

So I decided to try to make something.  On the Cheap.

I started with this:


A sort-of-sad, basic fake plastic evergreen swag, complete with metallic leaves, pine cones, and a few berries; quite squished and very lopsided.  On sale for $4.99 at my local Michael's store.  (I just noticed that, because of the shadows in this photo, the swag looks much nicer than it actually was.  It was very misshapen in real-life; it almost looks . . . good . . . in this photo.  Lies.)

First, I "floofed" it out a bit and bent the branches into a more natural and pleasing shape.  And I messed around with the (hideous) metallic leaves. . . trying to decide whether they added to or detracted from the overall look I was going for.


Next, I used a wire cutter to separate the individual segments of a "branch" of sparkly, glittery, gold flora (on sale for $1.79 at JoAnn Fabrics) . . .


and randomly wired them in to the "floofed" branches of the swag.  (Still undecided on the metallic leaves, but leaning toward leaving them in.)


Then, I made a bow with two types of ribbon ($2.59 on the super-clearance table at JoAnn Fabrics). . .


and. . . voilà!  A transformed swag!


Much nicer!  (Even with the metallic leaves.)  Does the job!  And all for under 30 minutes and $10!


That's my kind of transformation!


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It looked ok in the 1st photo but after your transformation, it's wonderful! You wanna come do some transforming at my house!?! ;)


Excellent! I'm glad you clarified because it really didn't look that bad in the first photo. It does look much better now, though. I'm very curious about what you are covering up.


What happened to the door? I didn't do it, right?


Woo Hoo!

I hope my Jenny didn't do something naughty to the door. Great save! So much easier than my idea of wrapping the door like it was a present. Don't judge me. I was raised by crazy people. :p


*awaiting answer to erin's question* I think the revamped swag is lovely. perfect on the door even if it didn't need covering. (do you hire out your bow-making services?)


Nicely done. Do you hire out? Oh and there is that distance between houses. Oh well, I may need to try something similar. Maybe I'll just go for lights instead.


It really did look fine in the first photo, but it looks FABULOUS! after your transformation. But please do not leave us hanging -- what is wrong with the door? (I'm a cat, sorry, ever curious...)

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