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The Island of Misfit Knits

Remember this?


As a kid, I always wondered what, exactly, was wrong with these toys.  Misfits?  Not in my book!

My slipper knitting this fall, though, produced some REAL misfits!  (It was so hard not to blog these bloopers as they were happening. . .)

First, there are these.


Last August, when Erin was home for a few days, we checked out Ravelry for slipper patterns.  I showed her the duffers.  She didn't think so.  She wanted something that would cover her whole foot.  She wanted something a little . . . "fun" and "wild."  She was more interested in . . . jester feet!

So I knit them for her.  They looked like this before sewing them together. 


It took a surprisingly long time to do the actual kniting.  (Some careful planning, too, because I wanted to knit the slippers to be mirror-images of each other.)  Then, there was the seaming.  What a pain!  It was like putting together origami swans or something!  But, eventually I had a pair of slippers.

A pair of slippers that were huge.  HUGE, I'm telling you.  So I felted.  And I felted.  And I felted some more.  And then. . . some more.  And again.  (15 felting sessions, all total.)

Because of the unique, origami-like construction, there are also several seams on the bottom of the slipper.  Despite my being a good "seamer", the slippers feel sort of . . . lumpy.  And, the shape is . . . odd.  Given that you've folded what looks like a scarf. . . into slippers.  Not the most comfortable, really, when you come right down to it.

Generally, I was Not Happy with the result.  Kind of cute.  Definitely "fun" and jester-like.  And the mirror-image thing worked out.  But, those seams!  I couldn't imagine wearing them comfortably!  Plus, after 15 agitation cycles, they were still far too big for Erin's size 7 1/2 feet!

I was not at all confident about giving her the jester slippers.  I broke down at Thanksgiving and showed them to her.  She recoiled in horror!  She tried on the adorable duffers I had made for my niece.  Much better!  Oops.  Now she wanted duffers.

So.  The jester-slippers were sent off to The Island of Misfit Knits!

Then, there is this one.


When I first decided to knit duffers, the pattern was different than it is now.   It was also called 19-row slippers, and was (then; not now) a free Ravelry download.  I knit up my first duffer.

It looked mighty small!  Small. . . and a bit mis-shapen.

Duh!  Turns out I missed that all-important line in the instructions for the sole . . . "K every other row."  Oops!  This one was off to The Island of Misfit Knits!

Second attempt.


Now, that's better!  Still knit from the original, free version of the duffers pattern.  Problem is. . . that version of the pattern only has 3 sizes, and all three are small!  I thought I might get by with the largest of the small sizes for my niece with some careful felting.

But . . . Oops!  Too small!  For anyone on my Christmas list, at least.  Another pair off to The Island of Misfit Knits!

By this point in my knitting process, the designer had released a new version of duffers --- with greatly expanded size options!  I tried again. . .


Looking MUCH better! 

But . . . Oops!  I ended up not having enough yarn to knit the matching slipper!  So, again. . . Off to The Island of Misfit Knits!**

Now, if you're counting, that's SIX slippers I sent to The Island of Misfit Knits!  SIX!!! That's THREE PAIRS!!!!   Oh, brother! 

It's really a wonder ANYone received slippers this year.

But I perservered.  Eventually, I got it right!  In the meantime, I wasted weeks and weeks of knitting time to the Island of Misfit Knits!


** Since my Mom only needs ONE slipper right now, I've decided to finish this one up and felt it for her "good foot."  (I feel slightly better about it now.)


FREE TO GOOD HOME:     One pair of Jester-slippers; approximately women's size 8 1/2; quite wide; prominent seams on inside.  AND . . . One pair of  19-row duffers; approximately women's size 6-6 1/2; very adorable.  Let me know if you might want either pair.  I'd be happy if they could get some use!