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Steeped in Tradition: The Pepparkakor

Steeped in Tradition: The Christmas China

It all started with this little candlestick holder. . .


back in 1984.

Tom and I were living in Austin, Texas at the time.  He was doing a post-doc at the University of Texas, and I was working on my accounting degree.  We were very poor.  We didn't have many "nice" things.  (But we were really, really happy.)

I never dreamed of owning Christmas china.  (Shoot, at that point, I didn't even dream of owning ANY china!)  And, although I already loved blue transferware, back then I had never even heard of Spode.

So I was surprised when I opened my Christmas gift from Tom that first year in Texas and discovered this little Spode candlestick holder.  Apparently, he'd been shopping in a mall department store, and the candlestick had caught his eye.

The next year, he bought me a second candlestick holder.

And, with that, my collection of Spode Christmas Tree china began!


Each year, he chose a piece for me.


Now, I have a full "service for 8."


A tea set.


Various serving pieces.


Even a gravy boat!


I love getting out my Christmas china every December, and setting it up in my china cabinet.  We use it daily -- not just for special meals -- throughout the holiday season.   I love remembering how Tom "discovered" the pattern -- and how he liked it so much that he splurged on a piece for me . . . way back when.  But I especially love using the candlestick holders.  They will always be my favorite pieces.  I think their candlelight glows brighter and longer than any other candlelight. . .


Mom Update:  Surgery tomorrow.  She is comfortable . . . but miserable.  I thank you all for your kind words of support.  They mean a lot to me -- and to my Mom, as well!  Many thanks!


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My mum has that Spode -- and a few other sets of fine china. It's so pretty to set a table with all the pieces.

My "fine china" is Homer Laughlin. ; )


I've had several very nice Christmas dinners on friends Spode china, one the same as yours, the other Christmas Rose. It's always a treat to enjoy a meal on a very well dress table. My china is much like Vicki's.


That is beautiful china and the memories and sentiments attached to it make it priceless.


What a sweet starting of a beautiful tradition!!!
All the best to your mom and a speedy recovery after her surgery.


What a wonderful family tradition!

Fingers crossed for your mom and her quick and low pain recovery.


What a wonderful Christmas tradition. Christmas china is something that I'm wishing for someday.
Continued prayers for your mom...


I love how tenderly you recounted the story of the Spode. Beautiful.
Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery.
Merry Christmas.


What a wonderful story and what a wonderful man! There are very few who are able to give thought to such a precious gift.

My very best of seasonal wishes to you and your family and healing thoughts to your Mum. xxx


prayers for y'all today.... that spode christmas china is my all-time favorite. how wonderful that you use it, too!


I have always admired that Spode Christmas china, too.

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