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Monday Miscellany*

It's one of those Very Busy Weeks -- especially through Wednesday.  If I can get through these next couple of days, it'll be smooth sailing right through the end of the year.  (I think.)  So today, here's a little . . . this and that!

First.  The door story.


When we moved into our house (eight years ago now!), our realtor gave us a beautiful brass door knocker, engraved with our name.  (That's it, in the photo above.)  There was already a brass door knocker on the door, however.  It was a bit tarnished, but functional.  And we just never got around to replacing it with our nice, new one.  Until this summer.  We had our house - including the doors - painted.  Since all the hardware was off, we decided to (finally) install our new door knocker. 

To make this long story short:  Lost original hardware.  Couldn't find replacement hardware.  Old knocker hardware different from new knocker hardware.  Tom substituted as best he could.    Outside knocker looks great; inside hardware glaringly ugly (and doesn't line up quite properly).  My solution: cover inside hardware.  (Lazy but effective.)

Second.  Is this A Thing where you live?


Yes.  Someone has put antlers on their car for the holidays.  This must be A Thing here in my area.  Because I've seen several cars with antlers.  Have you?  Is this just a weird Southwest Michigan Thing?  Or is it some national trend I've missed? 

Third.  Here's a little fun for a busy December day!




*Kind of like a Friday Round-Up . . . on Monday!


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I'm exhausted just having watched the video. Terrific!

Where do you find them?


We don't do much to celebrate the Christmas, but our weeks and weekends are so crazy we can barely keep up...and the blog will suffer. Maybe this is my new life. Anyway, enough about me. Your front door looks so festive and the bright new doorknocker is perfect. Sounds like you and Tom make a good team as the job got done and you made it work. Fix the back of the door...ingenious!


Yup. We have antlers here too. Almost caused me to drive into something when I first saw them. It was like...What the heck is that?!?


After 4 weeks of worrying with the health problems of my elderly parents(fortunately both of them are recovering from their sicknesses)I am feeling ok again . I love your festive front door and the video was marvelous!!! thanks for lifting up my spirits this morning!


Yes that's around here too. Sometimes it's just a red thing on the front (like rudolph's nose) sometimes it's a nose and antlers. Even better is when they put a miny wreath on their grill. I think it's silly, but hey, to each their own I guess :-)


I saw a bunch of the car antlers in Ohio when I was going to Denison, but I haven't seen any here. But they do put these bedraggled looking wreathes inside the city buses. At first I wondered why no one had stolen them...then I realized that they were covered in about twenty years of city bus filth.


Thanks for filling us in on the door story. My front door is so old and drafty that we have a big quilt hung on the inside to keep the cold out. Traditional? Hell no. Smart? Yup. And yes, we have those antlers on cars here, too. I think it's stupid.


We have the antlers here, too. I always wonder when they're in season. ;^)

Love the men!


I'm all for alliterative blog titles - misc monday works! looks like the antlers are a nationwide thing. here in atlanta we have antlers and red noses (or wreaths). I always thought that was because we didn't get "real" reindeers here...who knew??!! but my big smile is for that last video. boy, I wish I had moves like that!


we have reindeer cars too. I'm not a fan.


No antlers here... but we are always 20 years behind the times.

Love the video!

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