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Monday Miscellany*

It's one of those Very Busy Weeks -- especially through Wednesday.  If I can get through these next couple of days, it'll be smooth sailing right through the end of the year.  (I think.)  So today, here's a little . . . this and that!

First.  The door story.


When we moved into our house (eight years ago now!), our realtor gave us a beautiful brass door knocker, engraved with our name.  (That's it, in the photo above.)  There was already a brass door knocker on the door, however.  It was a bit tarnished, but functional.  And we just never got around to replacing it with our nice, new one.  Until this summer.  We had our house - including the doors - painted.  Since all the hardware was off, we decided to (finally) install our new door knocker. 

To make this long story short:  Lost original hardware.  Couldn't find replacement hardware.  Old knocker hardware different from new knocker hardware.  Tom substituted as best he could.    Outside knocker looks great; inside hardware glaringly ugly (and doesn't line up quite properly).  My solution: cover inside hardware.  (Lazy but effective.)

Second.  Is this A Thing where you live?


Yes.  Someone has put antlers on their car for the holidays.  This must be A Thing here in my area.  Because I've seen several cars with antlers.  Have you?  Is this just a weird Southwest Michigan Thing?  Or is it some national trend I've missed? 

Third.  Here's a little fun for a busy December day!




*Kind of like a Friday Round-Up . . . on Monday!