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I don't know about you. . . but I am In The Thick of It here.  It is DEFinitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas, if you know what I mean.


So.  When I opened up Carole's Ten on Tuesday topic for the week - Favorite Holiday Traditions - I knew I had PLENTY of material to work with.

Most times, when you think about holiday traditions, you think about traditions you share with your family.  And I do have plenty of those!  (See my Thursday posts through the month of December for more on that.)  Just for fun, I decided to throw in a little challenge for myself with this week's Ten on Tuesday. . . and think about Ten Favorite Holiday Traditions. . . That Tend to be Mine Alone! 


Here goes!  My SINGULAR favorite holiday traditions:

  1. Kicking off the holiday season by attending my friend, Sandie's Art Open House.  Sandie is a ceramicist/potter.  Every year, she teams up with three other artist pals (a jewelry designer, a painter, and a textile artist) and they host a fabulous show.  This event is my official welcome to the holiday season every year.
  2. Finding the Most Hideous Outdoor Light Display in the Kalamazoo/Portage area.  As I drive around the streets of town on my daily errands, I note the really awful light displays.  Later, after I've determined this year's Most Hideous, I drive my family over to check it out.
  3. Checking my mailbox every day for Christmas cards.  I love to receive Christmas cards (with letters and photos) from my far-away friends.  I don't keep up with most of my old pals EXCEPT at Christmastime, so I really look forward to catching up on their news and their lives.
  4. Watching White Christmas.  This was a long-standing tradition for me and my sister as we grew up.  We still watch . . . but separately, now.   (Tom and the kids have never really caught on to the appeal of White Christmas.)
  5. Eating peppermint ice cream. . . with chocolate sauce!  I love peppermint ice cream.  Did you know it's pretty much impossible to find EXCEPT during the holiday season?  I try to take advantage of its availability during December. 
  6. Breaking out my "Jingle Bells" iPod playlist.  Once December hits, I listen to Christmas music.  (Tom?  Not so much.)
  7. Checking the weather forecast for snow.  I am generally not a weather-watcher, but during December I tend to pay more attention. . . because I love snow in December.
  8. Getting dressed up.  I love getting a little dressed up and heading out to parties and other holiday events.  I break out my sparkly clothes and my holiday earring collection and . . . have a grand time.
  9. Planning holiday meals.  I spend a lot of time dreaming over menus and recipes and planning our dinners . . . and breakfasts.  We have plenty of celebrations at Christmastime (including Tom's birthday, which is just a few days before) -- so I have opportunity galore.
  10. Reading Christmas favorites.  I love to read Christmas classics like O. Henry's Gift of the Magi, Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and Clement C. Moore's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas every year.

Okay.  Now I've got a real craving for some peppermint ice cream!  Do YOU have any singular holiday traditions?


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Great list! I love peppermint stick ice cream, too. Is there a Trader Joe's near you? They have cookies that taste like you are eating a peppermint stick hot fudge sundae.


Love your list! Also love getting dressed up and going to holiday gatherings. Makes the season bright! ;-)


Christmas Cards!!! Can't believe I left that one off my list. I spent many years making my own. A tradition that had to pass. Love the list.


I should have added it to my own list -- my Christmas Eve wrapping party! "Being" Santa was always my thing... I'd wrap and label and fill stockings late into the night (early morning) while watching a movie. The most fun I ever had, though, was listening to an old Steve Martin album I'd picked up at a garage sale the previous summer. A Wild & Crazy Guy and me on Christmas Eve - fun times, I'll tell ya! ; )


Great list! Can you believe I have never read Gift of the Magi? I need to add that to my reading list. I too love peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce. It is a yummy December treat :-)


Is Schwan's Ice Cream in Michigan?? It's got the best peppermint for the holidays!
Getting cards is on the top of my list. Getting ours ready to go, not so much!


Now I need ice cream. Thanks, Kym! :p


Smith and I love watching "It's a Wonderful Life"! As many of our traditions were tied to friends and family, this is about the only thing left during the Holiday Season. Peppermint ice cream...I'll pass!


Great list! I love White Christmas, too! It always chokes me up! I've been listening to Christmas music on Pandora while I grade.


I love your list!


great idea to celebrate what's yours alone. marc doesn't do much christmas, so a lot of "our" traditions are really "mine" :-) he does, however, get totally into holiday chickflicks. we've already watched love actually and the holiday!


I love Peppermint Stick ice cream! There's an ice cream shop in Plymouth that has it year round, thank goodness. I love to watch A Christmas Carol and Miracle on 34th St and It's a Wonderful Life. I haven't seen White Christmas in ages!

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