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For the Hostess. . . With the Mostess!


It's the time of year for parties! 

And. . . when you go . . . you can't go empty-handed!  This week, Carole has us thinking about hostess gifts. 


For me, generally, it's a quick and easy solution:  Bottle of Wine. 

But sometimes, the a bottle of wine doesn't seem appropriate (like for an afternoon tea, for example) -- or if the host/hostess doesn't drink wine (I hear it happens sometimes. . .).   Then, the hostess gift calls for a bit more creativity!

Here we go. . . Ten Hostess Gifts:

  1. Bottle of red wine
  2. Bottle of white wine
  3. Bottle of champagne
  4. Six-pack of tasty micro-brew beers (Tom often creates a custom six-pack with six different craft beers. Yum.)
  5. Bottle of liqueur - like Bailey's Irish Creme
  6. Basket of specialty teas
  7. Fresh-cut flowers
  8. Poinsettia plant (or other holiday-blooming plant)
  9. Gourmet cheese selections
  10. Gourmet chocolates

What's YOUR favorite Hostess Gift?


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I'll take the first three items on your list! Maybe it's time to have a party! ;-)


A basket of teas is a really great idea! Nice list.


I hand't thought of gourmet cheese - great idea!


Haha you definitely seem to lean toward the alcohols! I really like your gourmet cheese selections and gourmet chocolates ideas... especially if they are already in a nice tray that could be set out for people whilst they are visiting after the meal!


I really like the microbrew idea.


Great list! And I love the hats and mufflers on the wine bottles. Cute! :)

Diana Troldahl

A container of spring bulbs that are just about to bloom

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