Caught in the Whirlpool

Dem Bones: A Riff


  • Last week, my mind was full of Christmas plans and to-do lists, a Gingerbread House decorating party I was throwing, last-minute shopping, a grant proposal deadline.
  • All-in-all, I thought my holiday plans were progressing well; that I was nearly out of the woods as far as stress and hassle and busy-ness goes.
  • Last week, my Mom was going to Zumba, and taking care of her own plans for Christmas.  Wrapping.  Cards.  A party or two.
  • My Dad, too, was focused on his own plans for the upcoming weeks.  Some hobby work he's in the midst of completing; some get-togethers planned with friends. 
  • Tom was winding up a crazy-busy year-end wrap-up kind of month at work; meeting with consultants, finishing employee evaluations, getting ready for a much-deserved vacation - a quiet week at home.
  • Last week, Brian was taking finals and packing up to come home for break; returning his orthopedic scooter and getting the go-ahead to walk without his "boot."
  • And then. . .
  • And then. . .
  • And then. . .
  • My Mom fell off a counter stool.
  • At my house.
  • 911.
  • Paramedics.
  • Emergency room.
  • Ankle fracture.
  • Several days in the hospital.
  • And surgery coming up later this week.
  • In a flash, our plans changed.
  • Immediately.
  • Intensely.
  • Now, my home is full of medical equipment.
  • My Mom is full of painkillers.
  • My Dad is settling in . . . down in the lower level of my house.
  • For the duration.
  • My Mom needs a "team" of support right now.
  • Brian is a trooper.
  • Tom is a wonder-man.
  • And I'm trying my best to keep it all together.
  • Dem bones. . .
  • Dem bones. . .
  • Dem . . . dry bones!
  • I'm becoming all too familiar with orthopaedics.
  • (My poor Mom. . .)


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I'm so sorry your mom got hurt. Stuff like this sure makes you realize what's important, though and I know you already know that. It's probably good that she was at your house when it happened. I hope the family togetherness isn't too overwhelming.


Oh, honey. I am so sorry and I feel ya. Remember to take care of yourself while you're taking care of everyone else.


What Carole and Cookie said. And also prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Christmas will be ok...just a little different than expected.


I, too, am glad that your mom fell at a time and place where help was available. Oh, dem darn ol' bones! I'm going to go drink a glass of milk... *clink* ...and toast to a thorough and speedy recovery. Christmas will come no matter what -- you'll be as ready as you are!


so thankful y'all have the means and opportunity to be there for your mom and your dad. best wishes for fast healing...and patience :-)


Sending bone healing vibes (knit dem bones!) to your mother and calm, relaxing thoughts to you and your family! Make sure to recharge yourself so you can give to all who need you.

Diana Troldahl

May swift sure healing and fantastic surgeons help your mom get back on her feet. ANd extra blessing to the caregivers. It is much harder to be the caregiver than the patient, (in my experience) but both positions suck.
My mom is going in for a surprise heart cath tomorrow that may end up in a bypass. Gd thoughts welcomed.


Oh dear! It's always something, isn't it? Take care of yourself while you're taking care of your mom!


Wow! Warm well wishes coming your way. Keep the ever playing mantra going in your mind... and this too shall pass.


What I learned when my ankle was broken: keep the other muscles in shape as much as possible. Muscle tone lost while spending a couple months in a wheelchair is very, very hard to regain. If I had it to do over I would use the walker more and the wheelchair less, no matter how hard it was.

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