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Thankful Thursday: The Heart of the Matter

It's Thanksgiving Day.  And today, I am thankful for . . . my heart!


I'm thinking about my heart today -- not only because I'm heading to a special Thanksgiving early-bird spin class at my gym (definitely good for my heart), or because I'll be eating my share of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie later (definitely not good for my heart).  But because my heart is a wonderful thing.

Not only does it function well . . . ticking, beating, pumping.

But it also serves as a symbol for my emotions . . . expanding, holding, loving.

I hope you all enjoy a heartfelt day today -- filled with things you love best. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

And I say that . . . from the bottom of my heart!


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You have a big and generous heart, Kym. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Kym! Have a wonderful day and tomorrow, enjoy the leftovers! :D


Happy Thanksgiving, Kym! Hope it's full of family, good food and laughter!!


p.s. Sara and I just got back from a 5 mile walk in the park (I carried Holly at least one mile - makes me glad I don't weigh nine more pounds!)... love doing something good for our hearts (and our bodies and our minds) before we dive into the cooking! hope you enjoyed your spin class too!


Happy Thanksgiving Kym to you and yours, xxx


Happy Thanksgiving!!


Oh yes, this is my MAIN thing to be thankful for as I would have nothing without my fully repaired heart! Happy Thanksgiving, friend, to you and your family!!


Happy Thanksgiving Kym to you and yours! I hope your dayvwas wonderfu


Man I haven't even had that much to drink! Was...wonderful! ;-)

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