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It happened as soon as I opened Carole's Ten on Tuesday email yesterday morning.  The Songs!  The Dancing!  The Musical Soundtracks in my head!  Yes, this week we're talking musicals.  And me?  I love musicals!

My ten favorites?  Hmmm.  That may be tough. . . but here goes!  My Ten Favorite Musicals (limited to musicals I've actually seen on the stage):


1. Les Misérables.  I have seen Les Mis at least 7 times over the past 20 years (maybe 8, actually) . . . most recently, in London, with my sister.  (I included the clip above because it is the exact cast we saw in London.)  I adore Les Mis, but even after seeing the show that many times, I still have to bring Kleenex . . . because it always brings me to tears!


2. Wicked.  Well, I've seen Wicked as many times as I've seen Les Mis, actually.  (Saw this one in London, too.)  Just incredible.  I love Wicked!  So clever.  So fabulous!


3.  Urinetown: The Musical.  Yeah.  I know.  The title is . . . well . . . a bit of a problem.  But the show is great!  (As you can see in the clip, the show pokes fun of it's "bad title" frequently.)  Fun songs.  Lots of dancing.  Hilarious dialog.  Just a really fun show.  If you ever have the chance, go see it!  I probably never would have seen it myself, but Erin's high school did it when she was a junior (excellent drama program at her high school).  Here is a photo of Erin's cast performing Run, Freedom, Run.  (Erin is in the front row - far left.)




4.  Billy Elliot.  Another show my sister and I saw in London (and Chicago!).  This one is worth it for the dancing alone, in my opinion, but the show, altogether, is just incredibly powerful.  (Hard to remember, sometimes, that the "Billys" are only about 12.)  (Kleenex for this one, too.)


5. Chorus Line.  I think this is the first live musical I ever saw.  I wanted to be IN it.  So bad.


6.  Jesus Christ Superstar.  When I was in junior high, I listened to this one over and over and over.  I didn't have a chance to actually see it until I was an adult -- but I still loved it!


7.  Grease.  Just a lot of fun!


8.  Guys and Dolls.  One of my favorite "classic" musicals.


9.  Chicago.  So much better on stage. . . than the movie.


10.  White Christmas.  Natch!  Although, in this case, I actually like the movie version better than the show version.

Now I'm ready to go see a show!  How about you?  What's YOUR favorite musical?


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Amy (Peppermint Mocha Mama)

I loved your entire list! I had such a hard time limiting myself - I could have done a top 100. Off to watch the "Dream Cast" Les Mis 10th Anniversary... swoon.


Caitlin and I are chomping a the bit to see Sweeney Todd when it is on in London next year, starting in March. Or we just might go and see Wicked (again), or we migh do both!


I haven't seen very many live musical productions -- maybe if I thought real hard. I was so fortunate to see Anthony Quinn in Zorba The Greek, and Richard Harris in Camelot... and, really, my Happy Button is pressed every time I remember.

I would like to see Billy Elliot, though, loved that movie!


It could have been my list! Excellent choices,I approve:)


Chorus Line and White Christmas plus anything before 1963. I must confess to being a spoil sport when it comes to musicals.


I'd add Fiddler on the Roof to your list. And Mamma Mia too! :)


Wow, you've been to the theater a LOT. I'm kind of jealous.


wow, my musical experience is clearly way less developed than yours - color me green! I have seen wicked, though, and loved it (as much as the book, just different) and white christmas is my favorite christmas movie. relieved I don't need to bother trying to see it on stage :-)


Loved your list...I totally forgot A Chorus Line and Chicago!!!

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