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The end of Project Spectrum is near!  November is the last month of our color journey, and we wrap up with the neutrals:  black, grey, white, beige, taupe.


Last month, I struggled to find teal in my landscape.  In my neck of the woods, teal is not a naturally-occurring color.


But neutrals?  Yeah.  Got 'em!  Especially when we hit late fall.  Then, the neutrals will take us straight through til spring!


Seems that everywhere I look. . .


there's a lot of neutral going on!


I don't mind, though.  The neutrals have a certain stark beauty all their own.  Because there is no color exciting your eyes, you tend to notice other things more.  Like . . . texture.


And shading.


And movement.


There's a lot to like about . . . neutrality.


Which is a good thing!  Because it's what we've got for the next several months!


MANY THANKS to all of you who volunteered to help Erin with her survey.  She was overwhelmed by the response, and I am so grateful for your support.  Hugs to all of you!


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after the riot of color that is spring, and summer and early fall, I find the neutrals to be peaceful...kind of easing us into the quiet contemplation of stark winter whites and grays. love your take on the texture and movement too. pretty photos!


Teal was tough, but neutrals abound all around. Your photos show the true beauty of a drying, dyeing winter landscape.


We've still got a fair amount of green around here but the brown is creeping in and taking over. Blah.


Love the the one just above the wood knot a hydrangia? Very cool looking whatever it is!
Have a great weekend!


Lovely textures! I have some hydrangeas still holding fast to dusky pink -- and I should cut 'em quick!

Have a great weekend, Kym!


Such wonderful photos! So true, too. Lack of color brings out so many things that might slip by us if we're distracted by too much color.


We 're heading full tilt to the browns as well. Beautiful photos Kym!

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