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Neutral. . . With a POP

I don't have a "favorite color."  I don't think I really ever have.  True, I went through a "purple phase" when I was a pre-adolescent (doesn't everyone?).  And I used to think I liked red more than any other color (but only certain shades).  But really, I tend to favor . . . neutrals. . . with a POP of almost any other color.

This really becomes evident when you spend some time with me.  My house?


Neutral.  With a POP of color.


My closet?


Overwhelminingly neutral.  With a few POPS here and there.

My decorating?


Neutral.  POPS.

My workout clothes?


You guessed it!

Even my dog. . .


Neutral with a POP.

Maybe that's why I tend to knit in the POP colors?


Maybe I like a neutral background so much. . . because then I can play with ALL the other colors.  And never have to choose a favorite!


And in Project Spectrum Sewing Project News for the month of December, I show you this:


The humble - yet neutral - polar fleece fringed blanket!

Over the years, I have made many, many (many) polar fleece fringed blankets.  I have made them in the team colors of every hockey team Brian has played on.  I have made them as gifts for friends and family.  I have made them to comfort friends who were sick or injured.  I have made them for babies.  I have even made one for Jenny. 

This one is for Erin's boyfriend.  He is a neutral-loving kind of guy, and this will be a perfect Christmas gift for him.  (He doesn't read my blog, so I'm safe in showing it here.)  Although Erin has several of my polar fleece fringed blankets, they were all made for a much younger version of Erin.  A version that liked, for example, blankets with bright yellow rubber duckies.  Or puppies-on-a-day-glo-pink background.  Erin says she giggles whenever she sees her boyfriend wrapped up in the ducks.  It's high time he had one of his own --  in a pattern and color that suits his style!

Hope he likes it!




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The blanket is just right for a young man. I'm sure he'll love it! Isn't it amazing all the different designs on fleece fabric? Something for everyone...


You have great style. I have a rule to buy only gray or black clothing, but end up straying, and regretting, more than I like to admit. The blanket is very handsome and perfect for a young man!


He's a lucky young man. Your decorating pop is fabulous!


My wardrobe tends to be a bit more colorful in the summer. Just last night, I laughed to myself as I looked at all the black, gray and white in my winter closet and VERY few pops -- all of them red, for some reason. I did knit some colorful shawls over the summer. Neutral with a POP is a good plan. Happy weekend, Kym!
; )

Diana Troldahl

I have to go check your projects on rav to find the shawl. is that the one about which Erin said 'Wicked'(when it was green striped)? If s, I am glad a pop of green made it back in :-}
Off to browse your projects :-}


Hah! I read both posts and commented on the earlier one with a combination about both,,, did you talk about our brain somewhere?!? :)


I love it! Totally fits you.


Great post...I love that shawl and the colors. What pattern is that???

And, he's going to love the blanket!!!


I think that's a perfect perfect colors! he'll love it!!


After about 10 fringed fleece blankets one summer, I decided to hang up my fringe-tying finger muscles. You've got me enthused again, Kym. And I love your Project Spectrum. I think I live in pops of color. Red, blue, green, magenta are all...the new black to me. Although I do really like that neutral plaid on gray. Mmm... maybe a trip to Jo-Ann's is in order.

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