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Friday Round Up: A Blast of Color

There's Always a First Time

Seems kind of silly. . . to be doing a SocktoberFest post. . . when I can't do any kind of meaningful update on my SocktoberFest projects!  (Other than to say . . .  it's going well and I'm making good progress.)

So I decided to share this with you.


My first socks.  Circa 2003.

I don't remember the yarn.  I don't remember the pattern.  I do remember, though, feeling very excited about being able to manage four double-point needles.  I was completely charmed by how all the "parts" came together to form a real, live sock: the cuff, the heel, the gusset, the foot, the toe.  I thought "turning the heel" was magical. 


This particular pair of socks was intended for Tom.  He's never worn them, though.  They're far too big.  But I saved them anyway.  (Perspective, you know.)

So, there.  I feel a little better.  Socks in October.