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There's Always a First Time

Seems kind of silly. . . to be doing a SocktoberFest post. . . when I can't do any kind of meaningful update on my SocktoberFest projects!  (Other than to say . . .  it's going well and I'm making good progress.)

So I decided to share this with you.


My first socks.  Circa 2003.

I don't remember the yarn.  I don't remember the pattern.  I do remember, though, feeling very excited about being able to manage four double-point needles.  I was completely charmed by how all the "parts" came together to form a real, live sock: the cuff, the heel, the gusset, the foot, the toe.  I thought "turning the heel" was magical. 


This particular pair of socks was intended for Tom.  He's never worn them, though.  They're far too big.  But I saved them anyway.  (Perspective, you know.)

So, there.  I feel a little better.  Socks in October. 


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How nice you have the first pair and remember all you learned as you knit them. I'll bet the next pair you made fit. My first pair was 1992ish, but sock knitting didn't click until 1995 when I took a class from Nancy Bush.


Turning a heel IS magical.


They are cozy looking socks! The 1st socks I knit for DH were also too big...we must think their feet are bigger than they really are. Would they shrink just a bit if you were a little harsh in washing and drying them?


I love knitting with them little sticks too!


Lovely first pair!


Those are great! My first socks were for Dale and they were pretty big, too. And I made them out of Lopi Lite which is terribly scratchy. No wonder he never wore them either!

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